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Blood confiscated from various practitioners – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and planning

The baptism scandal smashed like a bomb in the world cup city Seefeld and the man who first revealed the news that five members of the World Cup were arrested for doping, was ARD journalist Hajo Seppelt.

40 blood bags were confiscated during the robbery. In a sports broadcast on the TV channel on Sunday evening, there is information that they have found blood from different practitioners under these 40 bags.

– Blood bags have been found that do not belong to the five taken on Wednesday. The number of practitioners involved is not yet known, says Seppelt.

It thus becomes clearer and clearer that this is only the beginning of a gigantic scandal in international sports.

World Cup ski 2019. Doping crossing in Seefeld

THE JOURNALIST: Hajo Seppelt was the journalist who revealed the news about the doping raze in Seefeld.

Photo: Fredrik Hagen / NTB scanpix

Blood bags in the garage

The German doctor Mark Schmidt is mentioned as the driving force behind the doping network, which was unveiled in Seefeld, and he will now interrogate with the German police and have given his cooperation. He risks ten years in prison.

There is also new information about the actual research.


Researcher at the police in Austria, Dieter Csefan.

Photo: Johann Groder / AFP

"We have checked every step 24 hours a day, seven days a week for a long time," says researcher Dieter Csefan in his first interview after the scandal became known.

This monitoring showed that the father of Schmidt, Ansgar Schmidt, went to Seefeld with blood bags.

So they knew where the blood was and could also identify the athletes who got the blood transfusions.

The blood of the cross-country skiers was therefore in Seefeld. At the same time, the 40 bags were seized at Schmidt's home in Germany.

– In a refrigerator in a garage we found frozen blood bags. They were sealed. I do not know how much it was, but on the photo 's I would say it was about 40, says lawyer Kai Gröber to the TV channel.

– This is just the beginning

The five runners arrested for the 15 kilometers of Seefeld have all admitted drug use.

Max Hauke


One of them was the Austrian Max Hauke, who was taken on the peach with a needle in his arm.

Mark Schmidt also runs his medical clinic with his mother. The two have been together for a number of years. Schmidt Jr. has previously been involved in doping scandals. It does not have the mother.

Now the sports world is waiting for answers: who are these athletes? According to Seppelt, 100 practitioners will be on Schmidt's customer list. All of these have hardly been doping, but some may have done so.

– We can expect the police to be concerned about this for a long time. There will be new names. This is just the beginning of a great doping story, says Seppelt.

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