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Charlize Theron – – – It's hard to have a relationship with me

Since the breakthrough in the movie "Devil & # 39; s Lawyer" in 1997, Charlize Theron (43) has been considered one of Hollywood & # 39; s most important female actors.

She has won a number of prizes for her performance on the big screen, including an Oscar for best female lead as serial killer Aileen Wuornos in "Monster."

Despite the success of his career, love for the beautiful star has become a little more tiring.

Theron was the girlfriend of acting colleague Stuart Townsend (46) for nine years, but the relationship ended in 2010. Three years later, she joined Sean Penn (58) and in December 2014, the duo revealed that they were committed.

On the other hand, weddings never became a part of it, because they each went to their summer 2015.

Now the 43-year-old admits that she may not be the easiest person to be with.

When Charlize last week with James Corden (40) & # 39; The Late Late Show & # 39; visited, the film star explained that she is worried about being tidy around her and that she has a low threshold for what annoys her when it comes to mess at home.

– I don't like the idea of ​​having too many things, things I don't use. It bothers me a lot. It is almost like a compulsive disorder, she revealed to the Corden, according to Contact Music, and continued:

– I think it's very difficult to be in a relationship with me.


Moreover, Theron told me that once she was with a man she did not mention by name, she always threw his shoes as soon as he went outside.

– He had very strange shoes, so I lost them when he left. Within two hours of his return, he always asked me: "Where are my wicker shoes?".

– Then I answered: Do you hear what you say? "You use shoes. No adult men should do it." And then he had a pair of slippers that looked like those who use clowns, she revealed.

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Ready to date

In 2012, Theron adopted her son Jackson (7), whom she now identifies as a girl, and in July 2015, she welcomed adoptive daughter August (4) to the family.

Charlize raises her children as a single mother, but recently hinted that she would like to find someone to share her life with.

– I've been single for ten years. Now someone needs to grow a few balls and ask me out soon, she shared with Entertainment Tonight in April, according to Contact Music.

– I am shockingly available, she admitted.

Theron, together with his "Long Shot" colleague, Seth Rogen (36), was in a red runner event, who made the following comment:

– She really discovers it!

"I made it very clear," Charlize replied, the website said.

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Last year, according to Contact Music, the mother of two children told her that she was finally ready to find love again.

– I had absolutely no interest in dating the first two years my children were young. It wasn't even a difficult choice. Both my body and my mind were 100 percent satisfied with being a mother.

– But then … So it changed in a certain way. My youngest is about three years old and I start to feel that: "Okay, now we are done with diapers and stuff. But I am very happy".

The engagement broke

The last serious relationship that Charlize had was with the 15-year-old Hollywood star Sean Penn. Although Theron exaggerated when she stated she was single for ten years last month, it was a while since the relationship with Penn ended.

The couple were friends for years before it all evolved into romance.

When the two exs were present at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016, barely a year after the break, it seemed a nice atmosphere between them. Maybe Theron struck the ex when she called herself "single for ten years" to Entertainment Tonight?

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