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Chrissy Teigen in Los Angeles and in the beginning. Photo: SMXRF / / Starmax

Chrissy Teigen, who was previously criticized for bottle feeding her son, now strikes a punch for infant formula.

In a number of Twitter posts, the supermodel mentions that not everyone is breastfed and that as a new, concerned mom, you only hear that breasts are the best.

– Okay, I’ll say something and you will all make a case of it for sure, but here it comes: normalize breast milk substitute, the supermodel writes on Twitter, a post that equates to 91,000 times on Sunday night.

The mother of two has received a lot of attention for her distinct style on social media in recent years. Ever since she and her husband have their first daughter, Luna Simone Stephens (4) and son Miles (2), she’s been candid that toddler life isn’t always a dance on roses.

– Normalize breast milk replacer

– “Normalizing breastfeeding” is great. “Normalizing Infant Formula” is great too! So yes, that’s it! Normalize infant formula! Your baby will be BEAUTIFUL, PERFECT and OK, writes Chrissy Teigen (34) on Twitter, where she has 13.5 million followers.

She goes on to write that she does not know exactly why this is her crusade now, but that she remembers the grief she felt and wants mothers to know that when the child has been fed, they have done the right thing.

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– I remember pumping myself as hard and often as possible because I did not trust the kids to actually get milk when I breastfed them. It made me crazy that I only got 28 milliliters. 28 milliliters!

Earlier this fall, it was announced that Teigen (34) and her husband John Legend (41) lost a son halfway through their pregnancy.

Live Nelvik, host of NRK, says she encourages Chrissy Teigen to point out that not everyone is breastfed – and that the kids are fine even if they get their food in a bottle.

Mother of three Live Nelvik. Photo: Mattis Sandblad

– Bottle model

– It’s not that I’m against breastfeeding, but for those who don’t get it, no alternative is presented. I would like to be a role model, Nelvik (37) tells VG.

Nelvik himself did not breastfeed any of his three children. She just didn’t make it.

The NRK profile has written in a column in VG about how she experienced breastfeeding pressure when she first became a mother and how her husband eventually suggested giving the daughter a bottle.

After that, she had tried unsuccessfully to squeeze a few drops of milk out, while the baby was getting more and more hungry — and the new mother increasingly frustrated.

– I get so hurt especially by new mothers. You get a different confidence level when you have more kids, Nelvik says.

When she had two and three children, she insisted that they be given a breast milk substitute, she knew that otherwise they would not be fed because she could not breastfeed them.

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– Bottle of kids everywhere

– In the maternity hotel they didn’t even have bottles as an alternative. It wasn’t until I said in shock that my husband was going to say it many hours later the nurse came up with a few bottles that she had “ found by accident, ” says Nelvik.

– The propaganda is that you have sick children without antibodies and only someone sneezes on them, they have to be put on a gas mask. But that is not true. Only one of my three children has had a daughter in course of antibiotics in gang.

Linda Granlund, Department Director of Public Health and Prevention at the Norwegian Health Directorate, wrote in a column in VG two years ago that research clearly shows that breastfed children are healthier than children who receive breast milk substitutes, including in high-income countries like Norway. And that breastfed children have fewer infections and a lower risk of stillbirth.

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Nelvik finds what she calls breastfeeding propaganda in Norway unnecessary and heartbreaking.

– If you look up and look in Europe, bottle-fed children grow up everywhere. They finish primary school even if they get nan and not a puppy. Some even pursue a master’s degree.

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