Elkjøp admits that there are problems in the Christmas Streak:

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On the Facebook page of Elkjøp it flows with messages from angry customers who have not received their orders. "I would like to see that we were not in this situation," said the giant giant.

Elkjöp struggles to deliver more of its largest products to customers across the country.

It was ABC News that first mentioned the issue.

– Looking for bad customer service if you look long! Now it is the second time that I promised delivery of goods and no one shows up and no one tells you that you will not come, one of the messages sounds like a frustrated customer on Facebook.

– Never had such a bad experience and a lack of follow-up of the delivery, writing someone else.

The assessment of complaints usually concerns non-upcoming deliveries, as well as customer service that does not respond or returns to the calls.

Elkjøp is even frustrated by the situation and acknowledges his problems.

"We think this is very bad, it is bad for the customers and bad for us, just very sad, we would like to see that we were not in this situation," says communications advisor Christian Hansen Fjell Kamhaug at Nettavisen.

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Problems with snow, ice and customs

He claims that Elkjøp has used extra resources, but admits that someone has to wait a little extra for his goods.

According to Kamhaug, the main reason is unforeseen events as a result of deliveries from the main warehouse in Jönköping, Sweden.

COOPER: Communication advisor in Elkjøp, Christian Hansen Fjell Kamhaug, apologizes for the electricity giant and hopes that customers can forgive the store.


– From there we deliver goods to all our customers. When especially in Sweden there were extra difficult driving conditions, due to a lot of snow and ice, and extra customs controls, many trucks are queuing up, says the communications advisor.

"But do not you take some extra snow and ice into account?

"Last year we achieved an increase of 30 percent of sales at the same time, as we have seen, but we've always been on the verge of many orders, everything went as if it would be okay, but we do not expect this problems are coming up, he says.

Kamhaug also says that the staff in the main warehouse has increased the staff from 300-400 to 700 to absorb the extra pressure.

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– Hope that the customers forgive

He also hopes for quick solutions at customer service, where more customers have a waiting time of half an hour without receiving a response.

"It is quite understandable that there will be annoyance if customers do not arrive, but we have also called additional people to that department," Kamhaug said.

Despite the many complaints, the communications advisor is of the opinion that it is not advisable to give warnings about the many delayed deliveries.

"We expect most to arrive on time and can not go out with a general warning.Of course, we can not know if a particular truck is stuck in line or in a queue, but now we expect it to be resolved, he says.

To ask if he thinks the problems go beyond the rest of the Christmas sales to Elkjøp, Kamhaug is positive.

"We hope that our customers see that even though things have gone wrong, our overall delivery quality is still high, and we hope and believe that customers will forgive us, he says.

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