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Henrik Kristoffersen was one of the biggest profiles during the paralell slalom race in Holmenkollen, but Rælingen-karen was already in the 8th final in a stunner.

He hung in the first attempt behind Swede Mattias Hargin and had to pick up two tenths to continue in the second attempt.

Then Kristoffersen decided to try a new technique, a "boxing technique" in which you knocked over the gates instead of taking large bows around them. It worked to some extent, but halfway through, he missed the timing of a gate. Then Hargin drove away again, and there was no quarter final for Kristoffersen at home.

– I have run much better this year than last year, especially with the new boxing technique. I hooked my arm a bit into the gate and then there is a lot of time when it is so short, says Kristoffersen.

«New Henrik Kristoffersen»

Rælingen-Karen is now ready to hit back hard in the slalom runes in the winter and spring.

– It has become too much focus on the Hirscher duel and the general lists. In short, it's all about enjoying skiing, and I've got that feeling back recently.

Have you become a new Henrik Kristoffersen at Christmas?

"I'm a bit ready to concentrate on the other person, and I'm just going to win skiers," says the 24-year-old:

– It is better to give full gas to win winter sports fans than to be number four.

Hirscher knocked out of brite

Marcel Hirscher was another one, there were high expectations of the Oslo ground tonight, but the Austrian attack did not.

He did well from the 8th finals, but in the quarterfinals he was driven by the Briton Dave Ryding. Slalåmesset lost the first game, and in the other he drove far up the hill.

So there was no dream day for him either.

"I really like it," said Henrik Kristoffersen on the straight as he saw Hirscher drive away.

Big favorite André Myhrer also got tough in the semi-final against Dave Ryding. He drove away and Kristoffersen's training camera Ryding went all the way to the final. There, Marco Schwarz became too strong, winning his first WB victory in his career.

No further Norwegian

Sebastian Foss Solevåg made his first attempt at Ramon Zenhaeusern and won with eight hundredths.

"Now I will just give it all," he told NRK between the two attempts.

In the other duel with the Swiss, however, it went a bit on the cross. The 27-year-old hooked and smoked.

Parallel slalom in Holmenkollen

BOMMET: Henrik Kristoffersen (photo), Sebastian Foss Solevåg or Ragnhild Mowinckel were not fast enough in the 8th finals.

Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

Mowinckel has a hard time

Ragnhild Mowinckel got the toughest possible resistance in the 8th finals. She met pre-favorite Mikaela Shiffrin, and after losing a tenth in her first attempt, she had to give everything in a second attempt.

She hung for a long time with the American, but in the third last port she slipped a bit too far away and lost nine tenths. So there were no quarter finals on the 26-year-old.

– It is very boring. Of course I would like to drive a bit more here. I was a bit too eager. But I have nothing to lose when setting up here, so you just have to try it, she says.

Shiffrin eventually went all the way to the final. There was the Slovakian Petra Vlhova too strong.

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