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BUENOS AIRES (VG) Thousands of fans followed Diego Maradona’s final journey – from the presidential palace to the cemetery. He was buried next to his parents on Thursday before the nearest football icon.

In the cemetery where Maradona was to be buried, there was unrest before the coffin arrived. People threw stones at the police, who responded with tear gas and rubber bullets. At around 11.30 p.m. Norwegian time, the entourage with the coffin entered the cemetery.

Only Maradona’s closest persons attended the ceremony.

According to the AP news agency, he was buried there next to the grave of his parents Dalma and Diego.

Argentina’s great soccer hero died of a heart attack on Wednesday – aged 60.

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Stood by the road and sang

About two hours before the ceremony at Jardin Bella Vista Cemetery, the procession got ready to carry Maradona’s coffin from the presidential palace.

VG was present in Buenos Aires where the atmosphere was electric when the procession came out on the street. Because of the chaos outside, the procession chose to drive out of the government building in a different way than planned.

The procession consisted of a flower-decorated car, a stretcher cart, and several other cars. The stretcher itself was guarded and followed closely by a dozen police motorcycles. Still, people flocked to the car every time they had the chance.

Along the highway people stood everywhere saying goodbye to Maradona with shouts, flags and songs.

At the cemetery, the police had to make their way past several hundred people present, who danced and sang on the road.


On Thursday morning, the coffin containing Maradona was in the presidential palace to light candles so that people could say goodbye to the superstar. The first to come out was his immediate family – including his ex-wife Claudia Villafañe, daughters DAlma and Gianinna, his second ex-wife Verionca Ojeda, and son Dieguito Fernando.

More than a million people were expected, and when the queuing system collapsed, after it was initially decided that the sewing of Maradona’s coffin had been extended by three hours, there was chaos.

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No one was allowed in and finally the display of the chest in the presidential palace was interrupted after 12 hours. When the police tried to separate the crowd, angry fans, desperate after entering, responded by throwing stones and other things at the police. Rubber bullets were then fired at the crowd and several were injured, according to TV channel TN.

The TV channel reported unrest all Thursday evening on Avenida 9 de Julio, where people tried to go to Casa Rosada where Maradona’s coffin can be seen.

WANTS TO SAY GOODBYE: Nerera López and her boyfriend Martin in front of Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires. Photo: Hilda Nyfløt

– Can’t be controlled

Nerera Lopez was still standing outside the palace with her boyfriend Martin, hoping she would come in and say goodbye to Maradona.

VG also met the couple Julieta Lopez and Tomas Fox, who stood in line for six hours. It was just before their turn to enter the palace when chaos broke out.

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– It’s impossible to check, there are so many people. It is unfortunate that the entire Argentine people have to pay the price when a few create chaos, Lopez says.

– There are families among us who want to come in, but on the avenue the police started firing rubber bullets. I don’t think they’ll let us in now, some people have been drinking a lot of alcohol, she says.

LONG IN THE QUEUE: Julieta Lopez and her boyfriend Tomas Fox have been in line since 12pm today. Photo: Hilda Nyfløt

Several arrested

Shortly after 6 p.m. Norwegian time, a row was closed and the TV channel TN showed images of police firing into the air to disperse the crowd. Several have been arrested and photos from the VGTV show injured people being taken away. Earlier Thursday there was also unrest in connection with the dismissal.

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Firefighters flushed water into the air so that people could cool down. There were also riots at the entrance to the presidential palace. People tried to cross the barricades of the palace, where the military police have now taken up positions to calm the mood.

After the box left the main street and headed towards the cemetery, the mood calmed down among Maradona fans in the center.

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