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Frp-Kallmyr spoke about "freedom against socialism"

AT COUNTRY MEETING: FRP & # 39; s new Justice Minister, Jøran Kallmyr, took pictures at the Frp National Assembly in Gardermoen last weekend. Photo: Frode Hansen, VG

SV vice-president and socialist Kirsti Bergstø, call it historyless. Justice Minister Jøran Kallmyr (Frp) made comments when he spoke on the day of the liberation about & # 39; freedom against socialism & # 39 ;.

It was the newspaper Gudbrandsdølen Dagningen who first mentioned the visit of the recent Justice Minister to Jørstadmoen in Oppland.

– But NATO was created in the shadow of the threat of the communist regime in the east. The Cold War was characterized by ideological contradictions. Democracy against dictatorship. Freedom against communism and socialism, the minister of justice said in his speech.

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SV vice-president and socialist Kirsti Bergstø, reminds Kallmyr that he is also a minister for socialists. And not in the least; She believes he lacks respect for the efforts of Norwegian socialists during the Second World War.

SOCIALIST: SV Vice-President Kirsti Bergstø, like the Mayor of Lillehammer, responds to the speech by the Justice Minister on the day of the liberation on 8 May. Photo: Trond Solberg, VG

– It is both historyless and sad that the Minister of Justice is talking about liberation from socialism on our own liberation day, when socialism is in fact the opposite of Nazism and fascist violence. We must remember what we have released, Bergstø tells VG.

She points out that many Norwegian socialists were one of the most important in the fight against Nazism.

– They were pushed in the cold during the war, but should have received more recognition for their efforts. This effort deserves thanks, not to be thrown away, says the SV substitute.

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sacrificed themselves

– I am a socialist myself and I am proud of that, she adds.

The group chairman in Lillehammer, Espen Granberg Johnsen, who was present with the rest of the official party, also responded to Kallmyr & # 39; s use of words on May 8 to veterans and other viewers in Jørstadmoen.

THE PRESIDENT REAGED: Espen Granberg Johnsen (AP) is the mayor of Lillehammer. Photo: Geir Olsen / NTB scanpix

– Sad

– I think it's very sad on such a day. Disappointing for this special day and the dignity of the anniversary of the liberation day, he says, adding that it is not right for the government representative to use May 8 to refute the party, he tells the newspaper.

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According to the mayor, the formulation of the Minister of Justice was a theme for some veterans who had received medals. Also present were the family of veterans and former officers, uniformed soldiers and commanders alongside the head of police and provincial governor.

– Freedom against socialism

Kallmyr tells TV 2 that the context of the statement was "the ideological contradictions during the Cold War".

– It was a clear contradiction at that time between freedom on the one hand, and communism and socialism on the other. The Soviet Union described itself as a socialist state and they killed millions of people. This was the major threat during the cold war, the Minister of Transport told TV2.

– There is no reason why Norwegian Social Democrats should feel offended by the content of the speech unless it is believed that the Soviet Union was an ideological ideal, he adds.

Kallmyr says afterwards that there is no reason why Norwegian Social Democrats should follow the offending content.

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