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Girl (10) was bitten by a dog during training by a dog

– I went with two girlfriends. Something suddenly occurred to me. Then I was very injured on the thigh, says Elise Wardberg Høiby.

In December last year, the then ten-year-old girl was bitten by a two-year-old shepherd who was trained by a nearby police officer.

The officer quickly came to the scene and took control of the dog, but Elise, now eleven, went home alone after the incident.

In two places the dog's teeth had gone through tights and breeches, so that it blew. There were also major bruises around the bite site.

Respond to Elise being sent home alone

Elise & # 39; s mother, Guro Wardberg, immediately went home from work when she heard her daughter was bitten. After comforting the girl, she checked if tetanus was needed.

Leaned to Elise after being bitten by a police dog

TITLE: So the thigh appeared to Elise after the dog bit her.

Photo: private

– Then I called the police officer. He complained that he had not called me first, but I replied that she had been sent home alone.

The next day the police officer visited the family to talk about what had happened. Wardberg did not feel reassured and therefore called on the police for advice. There she tells that she understood a lot, until she said that the dog owner was employed by the police.

– Then it went quiet on the other side, she explains.

It was Hamar Arbeiderblad who first mentioned the case.

Police officers want to keep the dog

Wardberg had several conversations with the operating center, the dog owner and his managers in the days following the incident. She assumed the dog would be killed because he had attacked a child. But the dog owner must have said that he would keep the dog, and that he could guarantee that no similar events would take place.

– This is a dog that bit a child. I asked myself what would have happened if there was a smaller child who had attacked the dog, says Wardberg.

She says the family was offered that the police could come home with a puppy that the daughter could play with, so she wouldn't be afraid of dogs.

– I politely thanked you. We have dogs ourselves and Elise was not afraid of them after the incident, says Wardberg.

dog bites

BITTEN: So the wound after the dog bite looked out shortly after the incident.

Photo: private

Extensive contact

After the incident, Wardberg had extensive contact with various senior police officers, including section manager for operational issues in the police district, Knut Erik Amundsen.

He says the police regret the incident, but that they have taken many measures to remedy what happened.

Amundsen says that the shepherd must become a patrol dog and that he wants to keep it.

– It has done a good mental test and meets the strict requirements for service as a patrol dog with the police.

– But should children who bite children not be killed?

Networks for children

COMPLAINTS: Amundsen regrets the incident that took place almost six months ago.

Photo: Anette Strand Sletmoen / NRK

– We regret that a dog that is under our training bites others and especially children. It is something that we certainly would not want. We believe that this can be explained based on how the dog is trained. But it is far between the dogs that pass the test, so it is a valuable dog for us, he says.

– The girl was sent home after the bite and the police did not contact the mother the next day. What do you think?

– That is not true. The dog manager talked to the mother just after the incident that day. He was called by his mother to call her. According to the dog handler, he said he should call his mother as soon as he got to work. He was on his way to work when the incident occurred, Amundsen says.

Reported case

Wardberg did not think that the police took the matter seriously and that they did not respect what the daughter had experienced. That is why she decided to report the matter.

The next day she was told that the dog should be moved. Then it became quiet.

At the beginning of May she approached the Trøndelag police station, which must investigate the matter further because the inland police district is incompetent. There she was told that the case officer had not looked at the case, but that they hoped to see it within a month.

– I'm joking about this. When I asked for access to the documents, it says that the case has a high priority, says the mother with three children.

NRK contacted the policeman who was responsible for the dog, without any luck.

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