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Here, "Halo" runs on Switch

"Jet Set Radio"

(PressFire.no): Since the Nintendo Switch was broken by hackers and matured a year ago, a wealth of interesting home-based applications have appeared on the console.

For example, we have seen both Windows 10 and GameCube games on the console before.

Now someone also has a working Xbox emulator, XQEMU, to run on Switch. This after first installing Linux on the console, via Linux4Tegra Ubuntu, instead of the console's own operating system.

There are YouTube users and Mud Switch Voxel9 who has managed to run and shows everything in a video. He shows both the Xbox dashboard, "Halo" and "Jet Set Radio Future" on Switch.

Admittedly, it's going well – the video below has been speeded up four times – but it's still impressive to see games like "Halo" running on the console.

Voxel9 has not yet operated the Switch controllers with the emulator and is using a PlayStation 4 controller to operate. He plays an Xbox game on a Nintendo console with a PlayStation controller – great platform-neutral stuff.

The Xbox emulators are still so underdeveloped that you need a beast from a PC to run even simple games at around a reasonable speed, so don't expect full support on the switch first.

This is due to the complex architecture of the Xbox, the lack of documentation and the general lack of developers who have been able to dive into the console to emulate it properly.

But so proof of concept the cool stuff is ugly.

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