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Historical collaboration: now Sony and Microsoft are working together on gaming technology

(PressFire.no): There are top men Kenichiro Yoshida from Sony and Satya Nadella himself who are now announcing a strategic partnership around cloud technology and artificial intelligence.

Together they will further develop the Microsoft cloud solution in Azure for game flow and the goal is to expand and improve entertainment experiences worldwide.

Sony and Azure

Specifically, it mentions that Microsoft will investigate solutions for Sony's streaming services – including games.

They will also collaborate on other types of technology, such as semiconductors, artificial intelligence and solutions for logos.

"Sony has always been a leader in entertainment and technology, and the collaboration we are announcing today is based on this innovation story," said Satya Nadella in the announcement.

– Our partnership brings the power of Azure and Azure AI to Sony to offer customers new gaming and entertainment experiences.

Everywhere and always

Yoshida says that PlayStation itself was created by a mix of creativity and technology.

– Our mission is to seamlessly develop the platform as a system that continues to offer the best and strongest entertainment experiences, along with cloud solutions that deliver the best experience anywhere, anytime.

It is part of the story that Sony already has a game solution today – which is partly based on technology that they bought after closing OnLive.

Nowadays the service is called PlayStation Now and the two companies want to move it to Azure.

Xbox has already revealed its variety of game stream xCloud and Google has recently endorsed its Stadia solution.

Latest – Both Microsoft and Sony will soon be announcing their new game consoles. Microsoft is expected to reveal it on E3 in weeks.

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