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How Samsung can solve the weaknesses in the Galaxy Fold »IT newspaper

The two biggest problems with the mobile phone must be identified and the new version is in the testing phase.

In the wake of much negative publicity after journalists and bloggers had destroyed the screen on their test version of Galaxy Fold, Samsung has now come up with a solution that better protects the foldable mobile phone against damage. As previously reported in the media, there were many Fold models that suddenly had cracked screens due to design weaknesses.

Two important reasons for the problems

There were two major weaknesses that caused Samsung's launch nightmare. First, the foldable screen was covered with a thin film that had to be there to protect the surface. But there were many users who suspected that they were a temporary screen protector that they could peel off.

The hinges that allow the Galaxy Fold to collapse were also placed so that small things could get into the joint – this caused damage when the phone was folded and out again. The correction that Samsung is currently working on will address both problems.

Must test the new version for a few more weeks

The protective film layer must be sturdy and fall under the frame around the entire telephone so that it cannot be removed. In addition, the area around the top and bottom hinges is covered to prevent dust, dirt and other occasions. Testing this corrected Fold edition is currently underway in South Korea and Samsung's goal is now a new relaunch of the pretty impressive mobile phone in June.

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