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If you own a PC or Mac, chances are that you will need these updates NOW »IT requirements

Serious vulnerability discovered in Intel processors.

At the beginning of 2018, the Specter and Meltdown vulnerabilities created headlines all over the world, and by the end of last year another vulnerability called Foreshadow was discovered. Common to this was that they could exploit weaknesses in processors to gain access to users' data.

Now, several huge security holes have been discovered in Intel processors introduced after 2011. The vulnerabilities, also known as Microarchitectural Data Sampling (MDS), allow hackers to steal data processed by the CPU.

Several of the security experts who discovered the gaps are the same as the ghost and melt holes revealed last year.

Needs time to seal

The new holes are called "ZombieLoad", "RIDL" and "Fallout" and can misuse Intel's design errors just like last year's vulnerabilities. Unlike last year's events, only Intel processors are affected this time.

Intel has provided a patch to close the gaps, but it must be implemented by PC manufacturers and installed by the user before security is complete. It is not done in a twist.

Apple, Google and Linux have already issued updates to close the gaps. Microsoft has also addressed this issue in a new update.


To execute an attack, attackers must execute malicious code on a computer, for example via JacaScript. According to security experts, it is difficult for antivirus software to detect an attack.

According to Intel, two of their latest generation of Core processors have mechanisms that prevent such hardware-level attacks. Some server chips are also secured.

Intel: – Update!

However, all other processors must install firmware updates to receive protection.

"We encourage everyone to keep their systems up-to-date because this is one of the best ways to stay protected," Intel said in a statement.


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