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– Is ready to surpass the predecessors in all possible ways

LOS ANGELES (PressFire.no): It's finally time for a new "Borderlands" game – and it's almost seven years since the last main game in the series. It is to feel old for you.

That there was a follow-up was hardly a big surprise, because the previous game ended with a real one cliffhanger, but Gearbox has taken a good time and was fairly open to "figuring out" what the game should be like before they started development.

It took a few years of horror and about five years of development, but now Gearbox has finally ruined the package so that they dared to show it to the general public and met 200 journalists at L.A.

– If you have played "Borderlands" before, we expect you to feel at home here, but we have also designed the story, playability and so on, so that the game should be a perfect introduction for those who have not yet seen the series , Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford told the scene. He could also reveal that the game will get expansion packages after the launch.

– But it won't be anything free-to-play– nonsense, no micro transactions or something like nonsense.

More worlds

The biggest change compared to the previous two Borderlands games is fairly clear and right in the middle of us: in the tree you can easily leave the planet Pandora and visit a number of other worlds to find more of the series of mythical vault. to get in.

"Some of these safes are more important than others, some are already occupied and others have never heard anyone," Sam Winkler explains to me in Gearbox. He is one of the most important writers of the game and has worked with history and dialogue for a long time. He is excited to finally show the game.

– When I realized that we could travel to more planets, a light went on for me. Now we can do it & # 39; infinity & # 39; tell with stories, without being locked up in a desert plane.

What comes first when it comes to brainstorming here? Is there anyone dreaming about the planets and places you visit, or is it the story you write that you can use to visit these places?

– Well, game development is not as linear as making a movie, where you write a script and deliver it. I remember early in development, where we talked a lot with art director Scott Caster, and he has this exploding brain, full of ideas and endless concepts, and what we have done with "Borderlands 3" is just a tab for what we could take from.

– We were very excited about creating futuristic Neo Tokyo-like cities, for example. He thinks up an idea, we drive it back and forth between us in the writing group, go back and say "we have written a story about your space, does this sound cool?" And he can say "yes and I want it to look like that and that & # 39; it's very iterative and a pre-production cycle that is really cool."

I even got to see the result of this in my little game session, where I could visit a new planet and the city of Promethea. The city is ruled by the arms manufacturer Atlas, but the company has been invaded and attempted by its competitor Maliwan.

It wasn't a lot of story I was served about that I met, but I had to help Atlas defeat the opponents through a series of minor missions. It must be said that this was not really challenged by the little gray – here it was more to go to larger places where a bunch of enemies had gathered, cleaned up and found the next place.

The city, on the other hand, is half open, with many areas that I could freely explore (but were not needed at all) and fewer assignments to carry out. It was a bit odd to know exactly where to go, and I had to get up a little more often with the card than I would like, but at the same time the quiet reconnaissance chisels were a welcome break between recordings.

But both the exploration and the aforementioned side missions made it more than worthwhile to wander for a few minutes. One of the things that matters, some like coffee (!) To the troops you help, with just the right dose of hysterical dialogue that the series is known for. And of course ward off many enemies.

It also helped to get a good weapon at the end.

Winkler says we can thank today's technology for creating larger and more open worlds than in previous games.

– We can have multiple NPCs, more characters in the world, we can have more details and expressions on the faces of those you meet. Previously, most of the dialogue was via radio, but now we have more people who present themselves as holograms and so on, because now we can present them physically instead of just hearing them.

Like before, just bigger and better

For those who have played the previous games, it doesn't take long before you feel at home here – this is & # 39; Borderlands & # 39 ;.

That is, an incredibly large arsenal weapon, extreme focus on collecting better equipment and enough enemies to make even the most tanned enthusiastic shooter blush. Few games are as hectic as "Borderlands" when everything is at the worst (or best) level, and even some notches have cropped up here.

For example, you can now slide (as in "Apex Legends") or simply climb on ridges by hammering the jump button an additional time. Your special attacks (or Action skillsIf you want, this time it is also more important and more embroidered.

I tried two different heroes in my session – Amara and Daan. The two differ in the types of special attacks they have, and their upgrade has major implications for dealing with your enemies.

By the way, Daan has two you can use it at the same time! He has cut more tactical attacks with which you can determine how you can crush your enemies more strongly.

For example, one of them allows him to extinguish a clone of himself and jump back and forth between the two, which can be life-saving if the enemies plunder them all at you with grenades. Another lets you throw a drone away, which can then be aimed to attack enemies.

Amara, on the other hand, is more hands-onand have super attacks where you have to face the enemies to take them down. One of them makes her jump into the air and fall to the ground – sending away enemies and doing a lot of damage.

Both were fun in their own way, but perhaps the most important thing here felt different to play. It promises a lot of good for the other two heroes who are also playable – I hope they also have their own character. We saw some small clips of the hero Moze in a mech suit, so the chances are good.

By the way, are you the one who controls your "heroes"?

– There are many different opinions about what a "Vault Hunter" is for something, Winkler replies.

– Some believe they are only thieves. The bad guys in the game call them "Vault thieves". They come in. From a moral point of view, this is the lawless place, and we cannot necessarily use the same ethics or the same rules for Pandora or Promethea as here on earth.

Winkler says there are also some quieter and more structured places to visit, but this lawlessness is the same for the worlds you go to.

– It becomes & # 39; Borderlands & # 39; but it is not just a place on Pandora or the planet that is being referred to. In "Borderlands 3" you realize that it is part of the galaxy where civilization has tried to settle down, but where they have failed completely.

Maybe it has been a bit more "Borderworlds" now?

– Yes a bit! It is unfortunately not our brand. But when you come to Promethea, you see that it is a huge modern city, but the war has finally come and now everything is breaking. Loralei, which you encounter in the city, used to have a nice job as a barista, but had to participate in the resistance movement against Maliwan.

Upgrades everywhere

All these attacks, Amara and Daan, can be upgraded and conceived. The dragon can get rockets, the battle can be made toxic, the clone can become more aggro or throw grenades – and so on. You can also unlock changes to the actual attacks that make them almost new.

One of the favorites was that Amar's blows could be upgraded so that she could withstand much more over time. It made it easier for me to just run straight in and tell people on the ground, and then get safe again without incurring any special damage.

Finding different game styles is closely linked to which special attacks and upgrades you choose.

Upgrades are a bit like the "Borderlands 3" is about, I feel. Grenades are also upgraded and given special festive effects (one bounces around like a bouncing ball, another splits into many small grenades, or what about the grenade that bounces and explodes simultaneously If it breaks down?), Shields get new functions and two more three or three places in the menus were blocked, things I didn't know what it was.

Not to mention the weapons themselves.

It is known that the series lets you mix and knit with all kinds of appendages and effects on it, and now it is even more so. All weapons now have a secondary mode that you can switch on sequentially (based on who made the weapons) so that you can equip them with even more tralala. Some have small robot feet and can only be broadcast in battle! One of the guns comes with its own small water gun that is used as a cooler!

I immediately found myself a number of favorites (streamers that you can usually charge on charcoal, and flames are ON in some machine guns), but you can drag 10-15 guns with you into the slings – so it should be possible to juggle They are good enough to always be prepared, even if some enemies come up with a few shots.

The weapons have a total score that you can see now – usually higher numbers mean better gills – and all menus where you choose weapons are completely overhauled and more transparent. Good!

Less pleasure was driving the various available vehicles. These take you faster from A to B (and you probably have to hurt a number of enemies along the way), but the controls were hopeless … again.

Here, the sight and rats were added to the mouse pointer (or the right analog plug) at the same time, which meant that I either had to stop to shoot, or always had to go in the direction I shot. Why don't I let myself swing with WASD or left stick?

You would think they had achieved this after three or four games. Anyway, my non-upgraded car & # 39; s suffered so few that I came on foot after a short while – and there is much more fun shooting things.

Booty instancing

And of course it is also multiplayer. Everything here is made to be played with a friend, and several steps have been taken to make it a more enjoyable affair.

For example, you now have the option to help a doomed friend back up (something the NPCs will do) and you can keep shooting for yourself for a while, even in a lowered position. The system where you get a "new chance" if you know how to crack an enemy is also continued here.

There is also added the option to enable the so-called "Loot Instancing", where two players who are far apart in level give their own loot with the right hand. level as the other does not see – and where enemies have two different levels at the same time.

For example, both will be able to make good use of the game session without being the best to achieve the downfall of a big forest fight, or that all enemies will be taken out of the field for days with one shot of an overly good weapon.

All this is completely optional and you can enjoy a classic mode that works like the previous games if you want.

As usual, it is a kind of RPG light that includes the number of injuries that shoot out of the enemies as you hit them and the ongoing look at weapon statistics. Almost everything revolves around finding newer and better equipment that will destroy the enemies faster, or coin to buy such things yourself.

The money you collect can be used to purchase upgrades or other snacks in your base that are useful enough for the spacecraft Sanctuary 3 (which you also use to switch between planets).

Here you will find a wealth of characters where you can get assignments or where you can buy equipment, as well as a bar, shooting range, trophy room and other activities with which you can break the time if a constant shooting circus gets too much.

Some familiar faces from the previous games can also be found here – as well as around the planets where you perform missions. They are still Vault Hunters, need to know.

It is also spiced with constant forestry (Gearbox promises much more than in the previous games) that everyone has their own intro sequences and strengths and weaknesses. They divide the battles by not just being bullies in the same way that perhaps some of the larger "ordinary" enemies are, and feel good to finally slap.

Not to mention all the loot she leaves behind. I decided to bend over five minutes to put the clique in the backpack with good weapons.

So a bit like in the previous games, in other words.

Seems to be the best in the series

That is the theme here, I think. Gearbox has made it clear that the "only" should make it more «Borderlands»but at the same time set all knobs and levers to maximum – and they managed to make my time with the game representative of the rest.

It all feels like a better version of "Borderlands 2" to play, it has several tricks in store and presses on the right loot-sensitive parts of my brain, while the shooting feeling is better than ever. Absolutely without micro transactions or other rails like that.

It can still be a bit of kitty and knarses (and they must have time to launch), but this should surpass its predecessor in every way possible when it is launched on September 13.

By the way, I took one of my rounds like Amara. You can see for an hour and a half where I am dating and want to be fancy here:

In the transparency name: publisher 2k Games paid for our trip so that we could test the game.

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