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– It's about life and death

END: Lise Brændeland has given up the midwife dream and now has a permanent job as an intensive nurse. Photo: private

Midwife Lise Brændeland is of the opinion that the decision to close the maternity ward in Kristiansund is so serious that as one of the three she chooses to resign in protest.

– Seeing what happens to the people here in Nordmøre is sad and tragic. As a midwife, we know better than anyone what a long trip to the nearest maternity ward can cause, says Brændeland.

After only half a year in the profession, the decision was made at the maternity clinics Molde and Kristiansund would be merged awaiting a new home hospital.

However, this is not the first time that central functions in Kristiansund Hospital have been threatened and Brændeland has known the hospital struggle on the body several times before.

– And then it was decided that we feared the food would be moved to Molde. Based on the previous processes I have seen, I said in protest. There have been pure learning processes, she believes.

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Merger visible

Health Møre og Romsdal decided on Wednesday that the merger should be postponed and that they would reconsider the actual basis. The background is allegations of errors from environments in the hospital in Kristiansund.

– The only acceptable thing is that the decision becomes invalid and that we are saved until a new joint hospital is installed, says Brændeland.

The "bunadsgerilja" action group, which fights for food supplies throughout the country, also requires that the maternity ward must succeed. They ask that the health guards set a time limit for the delay as quickly as possible.

The chairman of the board of the health company, Ingve Theodorsen, told VG Wednesday that there are no indications that a merger will not be carried out.

Prime Minister Erna Solberg also confirms that a merger will take place.

– A merger takes place when the new Molde hospital is installed. But we have to make sure it works well for that, Solberg told VG in Paris on Wednesday afternoon.

Fear of the safety of women and children

If the maternity ward is added to Molde, many births from Kristiansund and the surrounding area will make a long trip to the maternity ward. Some up to three hours, says Brændeland.

– I'm very worried. There are problems with life and death. I myself have experienced sudden births in which women give birth only half an hour after their arrival. If we hadn't had a maternity ward in Kristiansund then, they would have been born en route, says Brændeland.

– In addition, there are many other emergency situations that can occur. They hear nothing because it usually goes well when the births are in the hospital. But these are things you will hear more about in the future when the merger is complete.

DEMONSTRATIVE: The Bunads guerrillas & # 39; s demonstrated Tuesday against cuts and closures in the districts in Oslo. Photo: Helge Mikalsen, VG

According to the midwife, follow-up and emergency services, where an obstetrician follows a baby who is in an ambulance to the maternity ward for more than an hour and a half, are also in trouble.

– The reason is that you have to be on duty 24 hours a day, but only get paid every four hours. If you go to someone who thinks she is born, but it doesn't turn out that way, you won't get a payment. It does not work.

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Think it has become a women's business

Brændeland believes that it is a paradox that Prime Minister Solberg encourages the Norwegians to have more children, but still wants to close the maternity departments.

– If they sit down and we get a case where things go wrong with mother, child or both, then I hope the politicians sleep well at night.

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– I'm so sorry

Confederation of representatives in the union of the midwife Solveig Aarset Vatten in Kristiansund confirms to VG that two other midwives have protested in the department besides Brændeland.

"We think it is very bad, but it becomes very unpredictable when we hang that cloud over us," says Aarset Water.

Brændeland has now taken up a permanent job as an intensive nurse in the Kristiansund hospital.

– I am fortunate to have a permanent job, but I feel very much at ease with my colleagues in the food, who are facing an unsafe future. It is also a shame to quit the job for which I have worked so hard. It is the midwife that I dreamed and felt that I was fit to do, she says.

"But the most important thing in this case is the impact of food supplies on the population of Nordmøre," she notes.

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