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Jeff Bezos – With Blue Moon, Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, is sending people to the moon

Now Amazon boss Jeff Bezos will take a giant step for humanity. It has not gone unnoticed by the boss of Tesla.

On July 20, 1969, Apollo 11 landed on the moon while the world was stuck on the TV screen and the radio. Several of the world's riches struggled to win the technological battle for space, led by Tesla chief Elon Musk and his SpaceX, among others.

Now it is getting tougher competition after Jeff Bezos proudly launches his new spacecraft, Blue Moon, in Washington D.C. The goal is to ensure permanent human presence on the moon.

And he is ready to invest heavily in the idea. With a capital of $ 155 billion, equal to $ 1,300 billion – or the same as the entire Norwegian state budget, he is ready to show economic muscles to ensure the dream of humanity conquering space.

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Ball kick from Musk

The plans of Bezos did not go unnoticed by Elon Musk, head of Tesla. Musk is behind SpaceX, another company that is planning to bring people to the moon.

THE WORLD SPACE: Amazon boss Jeff Bezos launches the Blue Moon spacecraft to capture space.
Photo: Blue Origin

Posted in a tweet after Bezos presented his plans, Musk released a photo of the Blue Moon spacecraft, where the word "Moon" was removed. Instead it says "blue balls" or "ball explosion" in good Norwegian. "Oh stop teasing, Jeff," Musk writes in the tweet.

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The ship is designed as a flexible spacecraft that can send equipment to the moon – and hopefully also to people, says Bezos.

"This is a fantastic ship, and it's going to the moon," said Bezos at the press conference Thursday.

BLUE MOON: The Blue Moon spacecraft will be able to transport equipment to the moon.
Photo: Blue Origin

Amazon's boss explained that this model is designed to send equipment and supplies to the moon. But that an improved version should be able to steer astronauts.

According to the Blue Origins website, Blue Moon is intended to be further developed to send Americans to the moon and back – in 2024.

A "way" to the moon

Bezos is known for great plans and ambitions. They have earned him well before. He hits the big drum again and thinks it's a & # 39; away & # 39; to the space with his new vessel. In the long run, he thinks it could be billions of people in space.

One of the biggest problems in space travel was the need for fuel. The company has solved this in a completely new way. When using liquid hydrogen and oxygen, Blue Moon must have a good supply of fuel. The company also states that it can extract hydrogen and oxygen from ice located on the southern south pole of the moon.

NEW GLENN: Another model the company is working on is New Glenn. This will help bring people to space.
Photo: Blue Origin

New rocket engine

Although Blue Moon is just a model, Bezos also presented a brand new rocket engine for use on New Glenn, another model to be used to launch rockets into space. More like the traditional spacecraft, such as Apollo 11.

"I can hardly wait for the first shot," Bezos said during the press conference.

ROCKET ENGINE: BE-7 must be a powerful new rocket engine that allows the company to use hydrogen and oxygen in combination with fuel.
Photo: Blue Origin

Colonies on the moon?

Although it sounds like it was taken from a science fiction movie, the Amazon boss thinks it's ultimately about human colonies in space. Finally, heavy industry can be led into space and the earth can be freed from pollution.

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– The earth is the best planet. But we have to protect it, it's our job. We are now powerful enough to damage the world. We must use the resources in space, Bezos said.

COLONY: Bezos and the company Blue Origin want to establish colonies in space in the future.
Photo: Blue Origin

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