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Kojima comes with new drops about mysterious Death Stranding

Metal Gear Creator Hideo Kojimas was not immediately generous with the details of his next game company and has chosen ambiguous hints as a marketing strategy. Now we have served some more crumbs, says Gameradar.

Kojima recently took the stage at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York together with Death Stranding's lead actor, Norman Reedus, where a number of new vague descriptions of the game appeared.

According to Kojima, Death Stranding is about restoring the broken connections in the modern world we live in, but what this means exactly is hard to say.

Photo: Sony


– So many things happen in the real world; in the US and in Europe – everything is connected via the internet, but in a way we are not connected in the real world today. That is the metaphor that I use for the game, Kojima said.

He emphasizes that the keyword in the game is "connections" and also contains some hints that Death Stranding can be a multi-player title.

– I also threw a whole new idea. You connect the game and everyone plays it together, and everyone will be connected, says the very enigmatic description of Kojima, who said he would no longer say that he was afraid of getting into trouble with Sony.

Death Stranding was first unveiled at the E3 trade show in 2016, the year after Kojima & # 39; s much-discussed violation with Metal Gear owner Konami. It is about an action game in an open world, and despite trailers full of greed and bloodthirsty animals, it will not be technically possible to die.

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