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Manchester United Season Run – Solskjær Warning: – We have bet on who did the most

After an incredibly good start and a long victory trip as manager of Manchester United, the end of this season became an equally big nightmare for Ole Gunnar Solskjær.

Larger contrasts can hardly stay in the football world. After the permanent appointment, Solskjaer's almost unison obeisance has changed and the skeptics remain in the majority when asked whether the Norwegian is the right man for one of the most powerful football jobs.

A very changing season got a dark period in the season and ended at home against Solskjær & # 39; s old club Cardiff this weekend. That nightmare is being repressed. Now Solskjaer and the players start with blank sheets to the first 46-year-old season, where the North Morning is responsible for the season run and the player buys.

Solskjær & # 39; s warning

Who is being exchanged and exchanged is and will be hot themes in the coming weeks, but what is so important is what Solskjaer does with the players who are there. The Norwegian manager of Manchester United announces a physical hard drive to get a better educated player figure at Old Trafford.

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– We have given the players clear programs for what to do during the summer. We expect them to be ready on July 1 when we start our joint seasonal run. We will not spend the first ten days building them up. They must be ready from day one, Solskjær warned on Sunday.

– Everyone has an individual program. Some need to train strength, while others train fitness. Players must take care of themselves and seize the opportunity to impress the manager the way I tried while playing. Earlier I saw younger players who had the opportunity to join the first team, but who came back from a bad holiday. They know who they are. They no longer play football at the level that they should

Thorstvedt: – We bet on who has done the most

A current question in this regard is how much the players can physically improve during the short period before a new season starts. The space between the previous and next season is much shorter than in most other sports, such as athletics, cycling and winter sports – or Norwegian football.

The season in England is very long and the time between matches is short. Erik Thorstvedt himself has played many seasons for Tottenham in the Premier League. For Dagbladet, the former Norwegian team skipper tells us about the time between two seasons.

– I think it has changed enormously since when I was there. Then we guess who did the most during the vacation. We had two months free without having a training program with us. Now everyone has an individual program that they have with them. Many players have personal trainers that they use outside the club during vacations. I think most people can take good care of themselves to a greater extent than in the 90s, Erik Thorstvedt tells Dagbladet.

– At what time was it more individual how serious the players took this period?

– Yes, someone "rotated" in it. Others took it seriously. But everyone trained hard when we returned. The great variety was what people did before the team came together again – that is, during the holiday season.

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– Many of the players hated "pre-season". This has now become much more professional. For example, a G16 team in these large clubs today has better medical support than we had before with the A team. A lot has happened in these years.

– Do you think Solskjaer will succeed in getting players in Manchester United to take physical steps during this period?

– Yes, you can imagine that. It is certainly possible to take physical steps, although the period between two seasons is shorter than in many other sports, says Thorstvedt to Dagbladet.

the transformation

The former keeper of Tottenham is intrigued by the fact that football also has completely different types of leaders than when he played in the Premier League in the form of sugars with Pep Guardiola, Jürgen Klopp and Mauricio Pochettino in the lead.

– It is interesting to see how they combine tactical brilliance with an enormous will, power and emotion. There has never been so much chuckling. In the past, a manager could not laugh at the TV. Now they do it – and the players perform very sick things, Thorstvedt tells Dagbladet.

– There have never been so many of the managers, such as those of Klopp and Pochettino. There is a lot of clapping and hugging. The players really care. Gathering good players is not enough, but you need the coaches to get them to perform at their best, Smoke says.

He sees a clear trend in the way the modern leadership role is changing, from the typical authoritarian coach to the more inclusive and passionate, who is also an example of such as his rivals in the Premier League summit.

– The coaches use more modern management principles than before, whereby there was more distance between coach and player. But the most important thing is to have a good plan that the players listen to. Having someone who "connects" you with a person and cares about you is important, such as when David Silva came home to his son who was born prematurely, Thorstvedt says.

– You will receive many emotional bonus points and players will pay back to Guardiola. The best coaches are ruthless when needed, but at the same time create a relationship with the players on a basic human level. Solskjaer is also that type.

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