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Moura sent Tottenham to the final – in the extension

(Ajax – Tottenham 2-3, 3-3 total, Tottenham further away) A second in overtime scored his and Tottenham & # 39; s goal number three: Lucas Moura sent Tottenham to his first final in the Champions League – and charming Ajax out .

– A gift from God, I am not sure what to say, I am proud, I have always believed in it, together with my teammates, we have given everything – and I think we deserve it. For me, this is the biggest moment in my football career so far, says match winner and goal scorer Lucas Moura after the game.

– Thank you football, thank my players, thank the heroes, thank you all, I have no other words. Soccer and emotions, soccer is nothing without emotion, and I don't know what to say anymore. "I'm still completely out of touch with what happened," said Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino after the game.

But it remained difficult: Tottenham was eliminated with two goals at rest. It had to be a new miracle, such as with Liverpool against Barcelona on Tuesday, for Tottenham to do this.

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They managed to turn it around like Liverpool. And so we have two English teams in the final Champions League, which we had in 2008 with Manchester United and Chelsea.

– The manager said nothing special during the break, but we knew that if we scored early after the break, the chance was there. Great, but we did, Heung – my son says to Viasat after the game.

The beautiful bully of football: Excuse me, Ajax!

The last time Lucas Moura scored three goals in a soccer game was the last he scored for Tottenham: Against Huddersfield in the Premier League on April 13. His scores against Ajax this season were the numbers 13, 14 and 15 for the Brazilian, who couldn't play in a fixed position at Tottenham this season. Ironically, it is the damage to Captain Harry Kane who opened the way to Moura.

– Lucas earns a statue in his home country, says Christian Eriksen – and laughs after the fight. – Lucas Moura – and good luck. And efforts, Eriksen continues.

– Everyone is a hero, but Lucas Moura is our superhero, says manager Mauricio Pochettino – who cried several times during the interview. He thanked his family, he cried a little, thanked everyone and cried a little more.

See the interview with Pochettino here:

– We were stuck, we didn't succeed much. But then we scored quickly after the break, we got the faith. We were lucky and I feel sorry for Ajax, they played very well. We didn't play a good tactical match, there was more trouble and fighting that brought us to the final, says Christian Eriksen after the game.

2-0 management Ajax could stop 2-2 before the hour was played. And then there were nerves, a struggle to endure, not fall into more goals, for this team, which smoked for Rosenborg in the Europa League qualification a year and a half ago …

Before the match, there was a lot of talk about whether Ajax would have stepped up the pressure this time, because in the last three games they played – and had everything to win. The answer came quickly, in fact, after just five minutes.

Photo: Nigel Keene / ProSports / REX / Rex Shutterstock

Captain Matthijs de Ligt (19) hit a corner of what looked like a Ajax lockout – and won 1-0 against the home team. He stood up suppressed, it all seemed too simple.

Tottenham about himself, ultimately, from the shock start to Ajax and created some opportunities, by Christian Eriksen and Heung-my son. But then, after 35 minutes, it narrowed. Again.

The entire attacking straw of Ajax was involved, from Donny van de Beek to Dusan Tadic to Hakim Ziyech – who threw the ball into the goal with his left foot straight within 16 meters.

2-0 Ajax. Game over?

No. In four minutes, from the 55th to the 59th minute, Lucas Moura scored twice. The first on a breakthrough, where everything voted, races, transmits, receives and ends. 1-2 Ajax.

Four minutes later, and the settlement arrived, it was of the somewhat odd kind. Substitute Fernando Llorente, who created unrest in the Ajax defense with his physical strength, should score when he got the ball alone with the keeper. But André Onana seemed to be in control – before the Danish Lasse Schöne messed it up, Moura won the ball and on small surfaces he managed to get enough space to shoot – behind Onana and into the goal.

2-2 in the Johan Cruyff Arena. A new comeback in the Champions League was underway.

Tottenham needed a goal, Ajax another to "kill" the match. Tottenham was close to 2-3, Ajax hit the post. The drama was completely there. After 87 minutes the best option came: Jan Vertonghen, who had to leave in the first match against Ajax, first headed in the crossbar – before the return to the Belgian was saved on the line …

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Tottenham pushed and pushed, Ajax stayed away. And it seemed that it ebbed 2-2 and that Ajax drove all the way from qualifying to the final of the Champions League.

But then, after 95:01, Lucas Moura came right for the third time – and sent Tottenham to the final, a big day for Tottenham, who was in his first final in the Champions League, and who was also the first English team to won a European tournament, the Cup Winner Cup in 1963.

PS! It is the seventh time that two teams from the same country meet in the final of the Champions League: 2000 – Spain. 2003 – Italy. 2008 – England. 2013 – Germany. 2014 – Spain. 2016 – Spain. 2019 – England.

European final

COMPETITION FOR THE WINNER: Lucas Moura. Photo: David Klein / Sportimage / PA images

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