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Mozilla offers "super-private browsing" in Firefox »ITavisen

Consider implementing "Tor" in your browser.

The "private" mode and the "incognito" mode are popular in almost all browsers, but unlike many people, such & # 39; n mode is not as private as they claim to be.

All you can do is protect your browser against storing search history, cookies or passwords. Moreover, such & # 39; n mode is not particularly private.

Mozilla wants to do something about it.

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"Real" private mode

The company is considering launching something called "Super Private Surfing", making it much more anonymous than the usual "incognito" functionality.

PC Gamer has found information about this in Mozilla & # 39; s 2019H1 Research Grant program. Here a mode is called "Superprivate Surfing" which, according to Mozilla, assumes that Tor is integrated into Firefox. This is according to the documentation to block mass surveillance, tracking and fingerprints.

Must resolve this first

Tor (The Onion Router) is a network that masks the identity of the user by sending and encrypting traffic via Tor servers. People who are familiar with the dark web often have knowledge of Tor.

An implementation of Tor in Firefox is an exciting idea, but also offers challenges. One of the disadvantages of Tor is that the performance (speed) can be considerably slower than with a normal web browser. This is because the traffic has to be sent via several extra links. Mozilla is now investigating the options for eliminating this slowness.

«Tor offers online privacy and privacy, which is desperately needed in the modern age of mass surveillance, tracking and fingerprints. However, to provide a large number of users with access to the Tor network, we must address efficiency issues to make the protocol optimal enough to be offered on a large scale", Mozilla explains.

Positive for suggestions

Although the proposal seems sensational, it is not so unrealistic that the plan will be implemented. Mozilla has added various Tor functions to Firefox in recent years.

The Tor environment seems to accept the positivity proposal.


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