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Nervous Wall Street looked red

The US stock markets ended on Wednesday with a weak position, but not without fluctuations en route.

Dow Jones rose marginally to 25,967.33 while Nasdaq fell 0.26 percent to 7,943.32. The broader S&P 500 index fell by 0.16 percent to 2,879.42.

Dow fell by 75 points at the lowest level and 153 points at his highest level during the day.

– Nice

Nevertheless, the market did not recover after the sharp decline earlier this week, caused by new uncertainties surrounding the trade negotiations between the US and China.

Dow Jones made a mess in the middle of the White House press secretary Sarah Sanders confirmed President Donald Trump's previous tweet that China is coming to Washington this week to close a deal.

– I still want to say that this is uncertain and you will still get the American version of the case. I think tomorrow is a joke maker, says Chief Strategist Marc Chandler at Bannockburn Global Forex to CNBC.

Trump threat

Investors are still nervous that the parties will not be able to resolve the gang until the new rates that Trump threatens to launch on Friday.

China & # 39; s Minister of Commerce has announced countermeasures when the US places US $ 200 billion on Chinese merchandise, up 10 to 25 percent.

The concern is that such an increase will affect earnings growth in US companies in the future.

"Now we are back on track," Raymond James investment director Larry Adam told CNBC, pointing to Trump's threat.

– If companies absorb the increased costs, this can potentially dampen profit growth and if it is eased to consumers, it is like a tax. It can go beyond consumer confidence, he continues.

Intel bangs

Of the individual stocks, Intel fell 2.5 percent to $ 49.24, following a gradual growth of a few figures over the next three years.

Uber competitor Lyft was penalized with a fall in prices from 10.8 percent to $ 52.91 after showing a negative loss in the first quarterly reporting after the IPO.

The performance season is approaching the end and Disney rose 1.2 percent to $ 134.99 for the closing Wednesday report.

Disney elevator

The market appears to have been comparable to the quarterly figures, as the stock increases 1.5 percent to $ 137 in after-sales.

Disney recorded a profit per share of $ 1.84 per share, adjusted for one-off items, in line with the same period last year.

Sales increased from $ 14.55 billion to $ 14.92 billion.

According to Marketwatch, the FactSet consensus was $ 1.58 in adjusted earnings per share of $ 14.5 billion in revenue.

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