New Mac mini (2020): release date, price and specifications

The new Mac mini (2020) was unveiled at Apple’s One More Thing event. The new computer looks quite similar to the previous model visually, but Apple has made some relatively bold claims about the new interior, namely that the new computer should have up to three times faster CPU performance than the previous Mac mini model, and up to six times faster graphics performance.

This is due to the new integrated M1 chip, a SoC (system on a chip), which debuts with the new Mac mini, along with the new MacBook Air (2020) and the new MacBook Pro 13 ” (2020) , which was also just announced.

According to Apple, with this new processor, the new Mac mini can compile Xcode up to three times faster, play advanced games and render complex Final Cut Pro scenes much faster than the previous model – while still being impressively small and compact. Here’s everything we know about the new Mac mini by now.

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