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Newcastle with important victory

Burnley – Newcastle 1-2 (1-2)

The match between Burnley and Newcastle was delayed by half an hour when a person needed urgent medical attention in the game tunnel before the start of the race at 9 p.m. The person must not be connected to any of the teams and must have been transported to the hospital before the start of the race.

Both Burnley and Newcastle were with weak nine points for the last game in the 13th series. Both needed a bad score in the important fight in the bottom line Monday.

Dream start for Newcastle

Newcastle got a start at the game when Federico Fernández delivered the visitors to the game after five minutes.

Fernández was free and shot from about 20 meters and via Burnley Ben Mee the ball found its way to the netmask.

If Fernández scored the goal, or if the self goal for Mee had nothing to say for the position. 1-0 from Newcastle.

Newcastle was not going to let the good start go and in the match 23 minutes it led 2-0 for the guests, even once after a corner.

Matt Richie went for a short angle variant to Sung-yueng Ki, who was added to the head of Ciaran Clark. The middle battle shot perfectly in the longest corner behind goalkeeper Joe Hart. A mortally effective Newcastle team with two
scores after two corners.

Important reduction

It seemed that Newcastle wanted to check the lead for a break, but Ben Mee had other plans. The captain could do well again after the self goal at the start of the game, he swept the ball into the field with five minutes to go
of the turnaround.

In the field, Sam Vokes waited for the ball of about 17 meters. Nice and important reduction for Burnley just before the break.

Burnley squeezed into the final minutes of the game and chased a match. But even though Chris Wood was close to the home team, there were no more scores in the first 45 minutes.

Newcastle led to a break with position 2-1, but with a fair Burnley in heels.

Gigantic bomb for Richie

Five minutes after the break, Matt Ritchie got an adventurous chance to increase the gap on Newcastle. After Brunley's own defense, the ball flew past the target, while Richie shot the ball out of reach.

It should have been 3-1 for Newcastle, but Burnley escaped with a fright. Ritchie, on the other hand, had a little bit to think about.

As if that would not be enough! After a high Burnley pressure in the round, Newcastle had another chance to penetrate the game ten minutes before time.

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