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Nintendo presented "Super Mario Maker 2"

(PressFire.no): Nintendo presented its upcoming "Super Mario Maker 2", the sequel to the game that lets you sneak your own Mario tracks on Wii U in 2015.

Just like in that game, it's here to create their own platform paths with all kinds of content from "Super Mario Bros.", "Super Mario Bros. 3", "Super Mario World" and "New Super Mario Bros.".

The game has news from the last time – in addition to a number of new enemies, blocks and sounds, it is now also possible to make oblique, rolling paths and switch to the content of "Super Mario 3D World".

The latter contains so many new elements that these tracks only have their own content and cannot be combined with things from the previous games in the series.

It has also added a separate story mode in which Mario must complete 100 courses made by Nintendo to earn money to rebuild Princess Peach's castle after the ravages of Bowser.

Nintendo has also revealed that there is now support for multiplayer, up to two people can make paths together, while up to four people can play them together on the net, against each other or on layers.

However, it is not said that four players can play on the same console without being connected to the network.

Just like in the previous Mario build game, you can also upload (and drop) tracks to a central database, but this is now blocked behind the new Nintendo online subscription along with the actual gameplay.

The launch is June 28 this year.

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