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Norwegian rally on new rumors

The main index ended at 882.49 the day before the day after an increase of 1.84 percent.

Shares and share certificates were traded for NOK 6,025 million.

Wall Street opened after the important Philly Fed index hit and unemployed claims were also positively surprised.

Earlier today, Asian stock markets were more mixed after President Donald Trump introduced sanctions against Chinese telecom giant Huawei.

Huawei and 70 affiliated companies have ended up on a list that forbids them from doing business with American companies.

The visible hand of Trump

The leading European exchanges also varied for a long time, but were & n 39 abolished.

British FTSE 100 increased by 0.8 percent, German DAX by 1.7 percent and French CAC 40 by 1.3 percent.

– The news that Trump will reopen trade negotiations with China encouraged optimism that the two major powers could prevent a longer, economically damaging trade war. But it will be understandable if investors do not read too much in Trump's latest statement. Trump's involvement is now almost entirely self-propelled. It is not so much the invisible hand of Adam Smith, but the very visible hand of Trump, writes analysis manager Jasper Lawler of the London Capital Group in an update that Hegnar.no has gained access to.

"The president's almost arbitrary approach, where for the first time he sounds optimistic about trade negotiations, and then becomes confrontational, creates great uncertainty and volatility," he continues.

Saudi voltage

Oil prices are also on the offensive Thursday afternoon.

Brent oil rises by 1.5 percent to the $ 72.87 barrel, which ended around $ 71.20 in Oslo closing time yesterday.

STI oil has risen 1.6 percent to $ 63.02 per barrel.

Geopolitical tensions in the Middle East steal their attention and still raise prices US oil stocks are at their highest level since 2017.

– Increased tension in Iran can cause a large oil price rise. Drama attacks on pipelines from Saudi Arabia and reports from US intelligence agencies on potential new targets keep the risk high, said Market Flyts senior analyst Phil Flynn of Market Futures.

Hydro rally

On the Oslo Stock Exchange, Equinor increased by 0.8 percent (NOK 1.50) to NOK 184, despite the fact that the share went today Excluding dividend of $ 0.26 (approximately NOK 2.26).

Aker BP ended 2.8 percent to NOK 269.60 in the wake of the upgrade of Sparebank 1 Markets earlier this week, while DNO rose 1.8 percent to NOK 17.20.

Among the heavyweights, Norsk Hydro stole his attention after the federal court in Belém, Brazil, lifted the production embargo against Alunorte.

No decision has been made on the embargo on the new bauxite waste processing site for waste (DRS2) and Alunorte will therefore continue to produce half of the machine until the production embargo is also lifted during the criminal proceedings.

Hydro rose 4.9 percent to NOK 33.60 on the second-highest volume of today.

– We expect Alunorte to freshen up production as soon as the last embargo has been lifted, which we expect shortly, and that DRS2 approval will follow, Pareto analyst Kenneth Sivertsen writes in an update.

New Norwegian rumors

But Noor was good in the morning left in the afternoon after a distribution in the Spanish newspaper Expansion that believes Investors position themselves to bid on a financially under pressure airline.

– IAG probably did not put "business case NAS" in a locked drawer. I think IAG is interested in the consolidation that Norwegian is now making from growth to profitability, says aviation analyst Hans Jørgen Elnæs in WinAir to Hegnar.no.

– Lufthansa, on the other hand, thinks I have no plans to buy Norwegian, he continues.

The share increased by NOK 44.50 at the highest level, but gradually calmed down and ended with "only" 13.8 percent to NOK 40.0.

Grieg Seafood jumped 4.8 percent to NOK 114.20 and was the subject of upgrades after strong quarterly figures yesterday.

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Broad revival of the stock market

Various heavyweights experienced a 2-3 percent increase, including Yara, DNB, Telenor and Gjensidige.

In oil service excellent Subsea 7, after having risen by 3.8 percent to NOK 111.55.

Marked among today's number makers BW LPG was positive and increased by 2.9 percent to NOK 37.30 after acquiring a 7-year senior loan facility of $ 458 million.

Of the 16 most traded shares, only one fell, more specifically Orkla with minus 0.7 percent to NOK 74.94.

Schibsted A and Adevinta A fell respectively. 1.7 percent to NOK 216.50 and 2.1 percent to NOK 82.40.

– Attractive frontline

Another number maker – Frontline – rose by 2.6 percent to NOK 78.60 after quarterly figures did not meet expectations.

Arctic analysts Jo Ringheim and Lars Bastian Østereng still believe that Frontline is still an attractive investment.

– With a modern fleet equipped with scrubbers and a NAV (net asset value) that is very sensitive to value changes, Frontline remains an attractive and targeted bet on tank rates, values ​​and fuel spreads, the brokerage firm writes.

For those who miss dividends, Frontline boss Robert Hvide MacLeod said today, according to TDN Direkt, that they will return sooner rather than later.

All current quarterly figures here.


The winning list is crowned by Element, which rose 19.5 percent to NOK 4.78.

The only other share that rose more than the said Norwegian was Storm Real Estate plus 15.0 percent to 36.8 miles.

We also see Questerre and Seadrill, which respectively rose. 10.1 percent to NOK 2.12 and 8.0 percent to NOK 66.80.

The former presented figures last Friday, while the latter will use more for super gear.

Fjord1 scared

The losers list is topped by Merkur Market-listed Target EveryOne from minus 12.9 percent to 30.3 cents.

Hiddn Securities almost followed, after falling from 10.9 percent to 67 cents.

Apptix and Oslo Axess-listed 5th Planet Games both fell by 7.4 percent – to respectively. 1.25 crowns and 75 øre.

Sbanken delivered slightly better in the first quarter, but was nevertheless punished with a price drop of 3.7 percent to NOK 77.80.

In the end, Fjord1 returned 4.3 percent to NOK 38 after DNB Markets was declassified to retain.

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