Now, Apple will likely do this with its products

Tired of the gray and silver colors of Apple Mac products?

A 2019 patent reveals Apple’s plans

There’s a reason a lot of people drool over the iMac Pro because the only Mac in Apple’s line-up looks a little darker.

But now Apple has patented a matte black material that eats light, which they are likely considering for a number of products, including the iPhone, iPad and MacBook.

Perhaps this is the coin on the all-new, redesigned MacBooks launching next year? It makes sense, along with mini LED panels, cut frames and maybe M1X or M2.

The more black, the shinier the material, but Apple has a solution

And Apple wants to get it all out: They’re not happy with toy black, because most consumer products don’t actually make black. To get really and really deep black, the color particles need to “nourish the pores” you see above.

As Apple explains in the patent, there are not enough color particles on the pores above an anodized material.

You probably remember that the iPhone 7 is available in matte black. Since then (2016), Apple has done more research on this

Apparently Apple

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