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NRK called this year's media house – NRK Culture and entertainment

– As a general meeting, it is very cool to give the prize to NRK, said Trine Skei Grande, Culture Minister from the Bergen stage.

NRK was nominated in class together with Aftenposten, Budstikka, VG and Bergens Tidende, the jury justified the elections in this way:

Shares knowledge

"This year's media house has a unique content width and uses systematic insight analysis for all choices made for content, publication and products. In 2018, the media house changed a traditional news organization to become & # 39; first mobile & # 39; and developed its own user bids that are now all together & # 39 ;, writes the jury.

"With a strong focus on delivering content to a diverse and diverse audience, they are constantly developing new services and ways to tell stories. They have created platforms and content that determine children and young people, and take all age groups seriously. media company has one of the best development environments in the country and openly shares its knowledge with the rest of the industry, "they continue to write.

"When the media house issues & # 39; s issues on the agenda, the country listens and the media house impressively mobilizes its users to both choose plastic and be a friend. This year's media agency is part of our shared history – also in the future ", concludes the jury.

"I am very proud of this gang," said broadcaster Thor Gjermund Eriksen from the stage.

VG wins the journalist prize

Earlier this evening, VG journalists Mona Grivi Norman, Maria Mikkelsen and Frank V. Haugsbø became the 2019 grand journalistic prize for the so-called Tolga case. In October VG published a report about three brothers from Tolga in Hedmark who, without knowing it, had been registered as mentally handicapped by the municipality and later had protection against their will.

The digital jury this year consisted of Ragnhild K. Olsen from BI Norwegian Business School, Bjørn Bore from Vårt Land, Marius Karlsen from iNord and Trine Ohrberg-Rolfsrud from MBL, Mediebedrijvenes Landsforbund.

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