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Paradise Hotel – This patch has changed everything: TIX had to view "Paradise Hotel"

Triana burst into tears after hearing the letter to Thea.

There is no lack of emotion in the "Paradise Hotel" lately. Last week there was a lot of drama between Mario Riera (20) and Sofie Karlstad (24), after Mario ended up having sex with Bettina Buchanan (24).

Now, however, the cat is out of the bag. Sofie knows what happened and everyone is friends again.

This pairing ceremony is something else that is in focus, and that is Thea Gudmundsen & # 39; s (21) relationship with Henrik Beyer (22).

During the ceremony, Thea got both Henrik and Andreas Haukeland, better known under the stage name TIX, behind them. Although she had promised that she would be safe behind her, she had to make a choice.

It eventually became an old letter that she had written herself and decided their fate at the hotel.

See Thea read the letter in the video at the top of the case!

After reading the letter it becomes clear that it is Andreas who has to check out the hotel. It is too much for Triana, who starts to cry after hearing the contents of the letter.

"Now I'm really starting to cry," she says.

However, Andreas takes good control.

– I've never seen anyone say they renounce something, and it's not held. But this is going very well, so I have loved everyone here and I think everyone is worthy of the winners, he says.

Mario also starts crying, but is told that he should get along well with Andreas.

– Sorry to laugh. I know I will see you again in a few days, but I think you deserve so much better than this one. You played the game so damn well, everyone loves you. If you are in a final against TIX, you lose, says Mario.

Thea, however, was relieved to have read the letter, even though it was sad to send Andreas home.

– I really lost myself here. Now I'm going to the last week as Thea, as the one I am on the outside. Now I am myself and I have become personal. The good Thea that my friends know. I don't want to lose myself, she says.


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