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REPORTING: Rage 2 – Gamer.no

Post-apocalypse? Dystopian sci-fi? Why not both? It has been a long time since Rage was released, but now the series is back in a completely new suit. Everything from shooting to driving has been refurbished, but is it everything that forms a perfect action game?


I didn't play a lot of Rage in 2011, but the impression I got after a few hours was still relatively good. It seemed something special with a somewhat special graphic style, a number of cool characters and fully functional recordings. The story seemed like it took time, even though I heard the criticism that the end was rushing in particular & # 39; & # 39; used to be.

Fortunately the shooting is good. Photo: Andreas Bjørnbekk / Gamer.no

Rage 2 says "shit in pace, let's start this thing," and get one from the media. There is a war in Vineland and the poor organization seems to dominate the Authority. After choosing the gender, it is full of bitches. Grab some weapons and release him. Finally, this Rage 2 is about. Just a few minutes later you are in a car equipped with a jet engine and a machine gun, ready to explore the big world and discover what's going on.

It quickly becomes clear that Rage 2 offers a huge world, because it takes a long time to drive between the points of interest on the map. Along the way you hurry past gangs of freaks (no, no freakers) and mutants, who often struggle with each other or wait for you to come closer. Gas stations have been taken over by the aforementioned freaks, and malicious machines are left behind by the Authority. However, Rage 2 does not discriminate to shoot past the far-flung mental middle finger or to shoot enemies screaming enemies are the only ways to catch up with the ugly regardless of who is racing on the other side of smoking.

Is it stupid violence? Yes. Is it fun? Take care of that.

Gray weather day with some stay

Yes, the motto of the whole game seems to be. Photo: Andreas Bjørnbekk / Gamer.no

Ok, the middle title was special, but it basically summarizes Rage 2 as a gaming experience. From the first moment it is something that screams. You play as an ultra-macho character with the arch-macho name Walker, who speaks as if he has no fear, sadness, hope or dreams. He lives in the present and it works just as well as everyone he meets. Walker is something. After what appear to be relatively traumatic experiences, there is no single melancholic sigh from Walker and every experience is wiped out and confronted with an almost-funny remark. Walker has no personality at all, except that the developer was once copied and glued from almost all American macho men.

Even worse, Rage 2 tries to be as self-aware as possible, which is not nice when everything has been done before. In particular, it's not nice to hear the protagonist say things like, "Let me guess, you want me to run inside and shoot everything I see, and I'm the only one in the world who can complete the mission?" To comment on their underdeveloped mission structure hoping for a cheap smile is no fun – it's laziness.

Which face? Søren, another bug. Photo: Andreas Bjørnbekk / Gamer.no

Rage 2 director Magnus Nedfors said a few months ago that "I don't want to sit here and say that the deep story is why you should play Rage 2". It is a statement that I must agree with. For Rage 2 there is no exciting story, no gracious characters and no deep conversations. The following figure is uglier and more post-apocalyptic than the previous one, made as caricatures of both real people and certain types of people. That is what Rage 2 is; very in your face, very exaggerated, and very pink.

Doooo! Photo: Andreas Bjørnbekk / Gamer.no

Here comes the shooting and action sequence as a saving angel. Digg is for the shooting. If the sounds do not disappear, it feels good to not pepper a pink freaker (from now on) and to use the pumpkin creatively to blow it away. At the same time you can use special powers that Walker discovers around the world that makes him stronger. Do you want to blow someone away or maybe completely destroy it with a hand movement? Or how about jumping and Hulk smashe all around you? Yes, all this is possible, and the good flow – especially at 60 photos per second – helps to make it all very satisfying.

It is certainly here that the developer has done most of the work and where they hope that you will spend most of your time. Unfortunately, it can also be too much of a good thing. Rage 2 relies on the shooting in just about everything it does, except driving a car that could have better controls to work as well as I would like.

The car drives well, but could have been better. Photo: Andreas Bjørnbekk / Gamer.no

The open world is huge, and you often have to drive long stretches to get where you want. Yet it is not very exciting to see. The landscape is largely desert-like or a jungle-like area, which in itself is not stupid, but I wish it was made more of. Occasionally stopping the car to take over a gas station or other protected areas is nothing new, and makes Rage 2 a perfect example of a brain-dead experience that is fun every now and then but I don't want to get through go after a few hours. Rage 2 is not necessarily bad, but a bit boring, tried something and "safe" but still manages to keep some nice moments. It suffers from the Ubisoft bacterium, which sprinkles a card with outposts to take it over, but requires you to do the same thing over and over again.

I also brag about how many bugs and bugs it is in the game. Sounds are not played, characters that are invisible, enemies who appear on the radar and shout at you, but cannot be found anywhere, and fall even more on the desktop. You get frustrated with this.

Many ways to gain new skills

The story of Rage 2 is closely linked to the possibilities and ways of acquiring them. Because if you are not looking for "Arcs" from the past that give you more skills, you might be able to collect the Feltrite source to upgrade Nanotrites (the name of the skills you learn), bullets and money from street robbers can collect or complete certain projects.

Projects give you new skills. Photo: Andreas Bjørnbekk / Gamer.no

These projects are a completely separate category in Rage 2, which can often be completed alone or in conjunction with the main story. Projects are tasks that are given by special main characters that you encounter early in the game, and each character's project deals with certain aspects of the Rage 2 world. For example, if you want to pamper yourself for freaks, you earn project points from it, which can be used to upgrade skills or equipment within specific areas of the game. It is a great way to ensure that everything you do seems relevant, even if the tasks themselves offer no variation.


Looks like a cool city, but is surprisingly not charming when you first visit it. Photo: Andreas Bjørnbekk / Gamer.no

Rage 2 is, on the whole, a more precise mix of Betty & Doom and Avalanche Mad Max version – but this is not necessarily just good news. It causes Rage 2 to appear as something that has not been done before, but that I have been actively away with; even the gameplay is reminiscent of something ripped directly from Doom. Rage 2, apart from the skills you get, is just as superficial as an open world game, despite nice graphics and a basically cool premise. Even worse, it is because you often encounter technical errors.

The similarities are saved by the striking digg-shooting and some cool skills, but although the effects are cool and the bad ass vibes change, I never really have the urge to had continue due to the shooting itself. And when the games grow old, Rage 2 does not have much more to offer. It is very searching, because it was fun to take pictures and the cool skills were combined with interesting characters and a deeper world that took itself a little more seriously, this could become something very good.

If you are looking for a game where photography is life and you don't do much else, then maybe this is a good breath in the earth. If not, there is probably little in Rage 2 that your interest will hold for more than a few hours.

Rage 2 will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC from 14 May.

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