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Review: Rammstein – "Untitled" – Rammstein delivers perfection





«The fragment is looser, the energy level higher and the playfulness more tangible.»

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FraALBUM: It takes ten years to wait for a record in a world characterized by volatility and artists disappearing faster than they have come. In the case of Rammstein, their main weapon was their cool distance from the outside world and the rulebook.

In the time that has passed since the gang released its previous album "Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da", the momentum of the band from the former East Berlin has taken on huge proportions. Yes, on such a large scale that during a few morning hours before Christmas, the band sold more than a million tickets to the stadium concerts they are going to do this summer in Europe. There are songs with which only a handful of artists can measure muscles.

But let's not hang in statistics.

The band is the last one?

The band's seventh album is called "Untitled". It has long been awaiting talk about the record being able be the last of the band, and both the title and the presentation can be interpreted if the band needs to be summarized. The simple and the flammable, in both passed, artistic and practical sense.

"Untitled" musical snakes within the traditional Rammstein framework. It is still about cash riffs, danceable tempo and rhythms, catchy choruses and lyrical ballads. But it is also much more. The fragment is looser, the energy level higher and the playfulness more tangible.

The album starts "Deutschland", which was also the first single. Both it and the sequel, "Radio", plays on the roots and education of the band. It is about a country in an internal conflict, filled with shame and a destructive need for power. About censorship and control. The former is grandiose and heavy, while the latter beautifully represents the pop sensitivity of the band. Both sharpest Rammstein have written for a long time.

Many highlights

But that doesn't stop there: the entire album is a show in riff maker and sharply suspended stories. It's all about dark, dark destinies, satire, humor and romance in a beautiful union. Everything served with extreme precision and a Till Lindemann in a poetic grand. There is no doubt that it is Lindemann's phrasing and clever words that give Rammstein character and emotional depth.

People will be discussing the EDM flirt in the near future, "Ausländer", with its autotune choir and programmed is completely brilliant or the biggest sham in the band's cannon.

Cash and sacred «Say goodbye» is what happens in the dark corners of the church and Rammstein is in the classic slogan mode. It has never been a secret that Rammstein has a love for Depeche Mode. That fascination is quite fluent in swinging "Sex". «We are never alone, we live, We lie that lie". See this.

"Pupa" is a nitrite bill from a prostitute who works at home and her brother who is terrified in the next room and seeks comfort from a puppy she gave him. "I don't feel so good," says Lindemann in the chorus. The song is one of the most desperate and original bands.

The vacancy is subdued "Diamond".

«Weit Weg» is big and tough and cuts in the direction of classic hard rock bands such as Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. Let's just cross our fingers for Lars Ulrich not to get royalty money for the "Enter Sandman" loan in the last minute of the song.

Worth the wait

Certainly, we heard the verse "Tattoo" many times before, but then the choir comes and raps you over your mouth. Then most things are forgiven.

Ten years is a long time, but if you have a catalog highlight in your lap, we will live well with it.

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