Romerikes Blad – – Fear that the government will make all cars more expensive

– It was customary to apply for an exemption for three years. The government filing in just two years is a clear signal that the VAT exemption for electric cars is successful, NAF senior communications advisor Nils Sødal said in a press release.

NAF advises to delay the introduction of VAT for electric cars until 2024, and then only for the most expensive cars first.

– We fear a tax spiral with premature VAT on electric cars, Sødal explains. – The goal of only new zero-emission cars by 2025 is further away if the electric car receives VAT before it is competitive, and then authorities will compensate by also increasing taxes on petrol and diesel cars, he continues.

Warranty required

The NAF believes that the government should now reassure Norwegian consumers that VAT on electric cars should not be introduced in such a way that other cars become more expensive.

– Norwegian consumers pay 40 billion in car-related taxes every year. Too early VAT on electric cars will cause this number to rise. We believe that the government should guarantee that a possible VAT introduction from 2022 or 2023 does not lead to all other cars becoming more expensive, says Sødal.

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