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Romerikes Blad – NOW: Full animal clinic

The emergency services announce a fierce fire on Thursday afternoon at the Ullensaker veterinary clinic.

– There are open fires and full retention on the second floor, informs Operations Manager in East Police District, Terje Marstad, who appears after 3:00 pm.

Shortly thereafter, the emergency services were on site.

– All people and animals are out of the building, the operations manager informs.

In the building there are also two apartments on the second floor. The police report that these apartments no longer have people after they have been checked out by the fire brigade.

– It burns in the ceiling and the roof construction. The fire brigade is working hard on the site, but has no control, the operations manager informs at 4 p.m.

BAD: The smoke from the building is so powerful that the police ask residents to close the windows. PHOTO: RB TIPS

BAD: The smoke from the building is so powerful that the police ask residents to close the windows. PHOTO: RB TIPS

– It is completely exaggerated, but we are trying to save parts of the building. Crews from both Jessheim, Oslo Airport and Nedre Romerike are on site, says East 110 Central security guard, Espen Stabell.

According to the guard leader, it must burn heavily in the construction of the building.

– It looks like the fire started on the second floor. We have not been informed that there are people or animals in the building.

Fire chief of Øvre Romerike fire and rescue, John Arne Karlsen, states that the fire started in an apartment on the second floor.

– The fire has spread to the attic. We currently have no control, he says to RB just after 3.30 pm.

An on-site RB tip states that a number of police patrols and fire trucks are on site.

– It burns enormously. The entire area has been smoked, he says.

The police also report a lot of smoke in the area, and local residents are asked to close doors and windows.

– Police have also stopped traffic along Gamle Gardermovegen and it is being diverted via a detour, reports from the Eastern Police District on Twitter.

The nearby Kiwi store is also closed due to the fire. Operational leader Marstad asks people to stay away from the place.

"There is a lot of smoke and it is better if people stay informed through the media instead of staying in the area," he says.

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