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S & P 500 and Nasdaq to new all-time high

Wall Street was careful on Monday. Investors are now waiting for excitement for a week full of quarterly figures, financial data and a statement from the central bank.

164 of the 500 companies in the broad S&P 500 index will present quarterly figures this week.

In addition, trade negotiations between the United States and China will continue in Beijing this week, with a meeting between representatives of the two countries on Tuesday.

Dow Jones rose by 0.04 percent to 26,554.39 points.

16 of the 30 shares in the index increased.

The financing shares were clear Monday and topped the winning list. Goldman Sachs rose by 1.88 percent, while JPMorgan climbed by 1.44 percent.

On the other hand, we find the IT giant Intel, which dropped 2.52 percent. This happens after the company released a disappointing guide last week in connection with the quarterly report.

In oil, Exxon Mobil fell by 0.66 percent, while Chevron rose by 0.51 percent.

Nasdaq finished with 0.19 percent to 8,161.85 points, so a new record of all time.

Facebook increased by 1.72 percent, while Netflix fell 0.84 percent.

Alphabet (Google) rose 1.45 percent pending the quarterly figures. Read more about the numbers here!

Tesla climbed 2.70 percent, while the cannabis share Tilray fell 0.79 percent.

The S&P 500 increased by 0.11 percent to 2,943.03 points, which reached a new record level.

Citigroup's financial share increased by 2.19 percent.

Twitter finished 2.95 percent.

The VIX index rose by 1.81 percent to 12.96 points.

At the end of the US stock market, Brent oil fell by 0.11% to USD 72.07 per barrel, while light oil increased by 0.49% to USD 63.61 per barrel.

Both short and long-term interest rates rose. The 2-year-old increased by 0.8 basis points to 2.294 percent, while the 10-year-old and 30-year-olds rose 0.4 and 2.4 basis points, respectively, and now 2.535 and 2.963 percent.

The gold price fell by 0.50 percent to $ 1,282.30 per ounce.

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