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Shots loosened in Oslo

The recordings have come loose in the Stovner metro station in Oslo. A witness tells VG that he belonged to ten shots.

Several police patrols are at the location after many shooting reports.

– Several of those who called had also seen this and that someone should have fired shotguns, says Operations Manager Vidar Pedersen at VG.

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law enforcement states that discoveries have been made on the site that support the use of a shotgun.

The police were first informed of the shooting on 22.13 Wednesday evening.

– I have not received a message about injuries in the messages, but we do not have a complete overview on the site. We will of course try to get an overview of injured people and take life-saving measures, says the operations manager.

After arriving at the site, the police found no injuries.

– A lot can indicate that it was shot on a building. We had a dialogue with some witnesses and four people were continuously observed from the site.

A witness tells VG that he has heard a close ointment of up to ten shots. The witness saw black-clad jogging pants running from the Kiwi shop and then disappeared past a garage.

– I heard right. I heard there was an ointment with ten shots, says VG's witness.

The police describe the person they are looking for as a tall, skinny young man with black clothes and a covered face.

There is a lot of police on site and patrols looking for perpetrators. There is a weapon on the ground and there is a helicopter in the air over the area.

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