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A theater menu should preferably offer variation, quality and timeliness. Spring in Hålogaland Theater promises good, Stein Sebastian Fredriksen, communications advisor at Hålogaland Theater, wrote about the spring menu in the theater in the Ishavsbyen.

"We start with extravagances from the dramatization of Roy Jacobsen's famous novel" The Invisible. " "The show is almost sold out for the premiere and we are delighted to extend the playing time in Tromsø, which will take place before it goes to Troms and Finnmark in January and February, reports Fredriksen.

It will be a joyful reminder of the much-praised performance "Tobias and the day that it narrows". This sublime show was voted the best children's program in 2018 and was rewarded with a Heddapris. Tobias and the gang play in Tromsø in January and February before touring in February and March by Troms and Finnmark.

– On our own Valentine's Day – 14 February – we are the premiere of the great initiative "Operets and Mack". In this long-established musical initiative we get the story of the brewery company Mack, or better said; a version of it. Kirsti Sparboe is at the forefront of the series of stars in this production, including Finn Arve Sørbøe, Mari Lerberg Fossum, Elisabeth Moberg, Kristian Figenschow and Jardar Johansen.

And it will be even more for children. In March we will re-appear the success story "The boy who has become an insect". This is "Kafka for Kidz" based on the famous writer Franz Kafka's novel "The Transformation (Metamorphosis)". After playing in Tromsø, the show will be on tour in Troms and Finnmark with the Cultural School Bag.

On 9 May we will premiere the newly written show "Blue Going". Pianist Herborg Rundberg places sea bass and explores past and future with the actors.

She makes music inspired by the sea-Sami tradition, characterized by both sensitivity and fragility, and continues with well-known and precious texts by Ragnar Olsen. The main role of this entertaining and great concert performance, however, is the queen herself: the sea.

On clear spring evenings it is ready to shorten the laughter muscles when Kristian Figenschow, Finn Arve Sørbøe and Inge Kolsvik appear in the "Children of Urology". It is director and writer Lennart Lidström ("Zappfe", "The Condemned Northern Landing" etc.) who wrote this performance especially to his friends in the Hålogaland Theater. Inge Kolsvik made the music. This is a comedy about friendship, or worse; a comedy about the lack of friendship, says Sebastian Fredriksen, communications advisor at Hålogaland Theater on the spring menu in the theater located in Ishavsbyen.

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