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Tesla wing attachment in laundry room – Aftenposten

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(Stavanger Aftenblad): The owner of a Tesla Model X was unlucky with the car wash the day before 17 May.

While the car wash was in operation, the left door from the left suddenly went up by itself and got stuck in the washing machine.

The accident happened at the Shell station on Madlaveien in Stavanger, writes Aftenbladet.

– We believe that a sensor in the car may have been hit by a water jet, causing the door to rise. The customer probably didn't close the doors before the car wash, says Thomas Danielsen, category responsible for car wash in St1, which runs all Shell stations in Norway.

The fact that doors and windows have to be closed while washing is old is old for most people, but perhaps the doors should not be locked.

– At the entrance to our laundries there are five points to keep in mind while washing the car, and it says that the doors must be locked, says Danielsen.

Danielsen learned that the hinged door was damaged, but not how the car was free again.

– It is likely to be an insurance case and then it is up to the insurance company to assess who was to blame for the accident.

Aftenbladet has not come in contact with the owner of the car.

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