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The BMW Alpina B5 Biturbo challenges the sports cars

If you want a spacious family car, the station wagon is still a good choice for many. The BMW 5 Series Touring is large and comfortable.

But you may think you want something different than your neighbor? You may want it to go like a beaten leather, without too much & # 39; showoff & # 39; is. Then Alpina & # 39; s new D5 Biturbo can be for you.

It has received a good cure for steroids in the hands of the renowned car manufacturing company. It doesn't look so good on the outside, but under the scale there are huge muscles to take off.

It is so powerful that the top speed deserves the high title "the fastest station wagon in the world".

More than 600 hp

BMW indeed has the M5 – with its 600 hp and four-wheel drive. But it is not available as a station wagon.

If you have a large luggage space, Alpina is an alternative. It also has an even higher top speed than M5. 322 km / h stops it! & # 39; The world's fastest, that is.

The starting point is the well-known 4.4-liter V8 engine that BMW has in its stable. But Alpina has sprinkled it up to 608 hp / 800 Nm. Part of what happened during the bonnet: new and larger turbochargers, a new exhaust system and a new ECU unit.

The spreading properties are by no means something to wrinkle on the nose of: 0-100 km / h takes 3.4 seconds.

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Challenges sports cars

This is Alpina

Tuning company based in Buchole, in the Bavaria region, specializing in BMW

made: 1965

production: Less than 1,500 cars per year

founder: Burkard Bovensiepen (1936)

Recognized by TÜV as its own car manufacturer since 1983, because they work so closely with the production of BMW with their models

Website: alpina-automobile.de

Alpina will of course not keep their performances secret. That is why they have made a very special commercial film. You can see what happens in it in the clip above.

Otherwise, we can assume that Mercedes and Audi, unlike BMW, make station wagon versions of their respective modeling models: AMG E 63 S 4Matic and RS6 Performance.

Both of these have more than 600 hp: the Audi can go up to 605 and the Mercedes a whole 612 hp. Both also have four-wheel drive.

But the top speed for both is lower than 300 km / h, even if you remove the speed limit of 250 km / h.

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To be the fastest in the world, the Alpina edition of the 5 series is very discreet.

But all Alpina fans quickly see the details that reveal that this extra powder is under the hood: the multi-chain Alpina wheels are in place along with the dimmed spoiler assembly and you can also get it with Alpina & # 39; s decorative strips like you want that.

The interior has blue or green contrast stitches in the leather, clogs on the strips and the Alpina logo on the steering wheel. Even the digital instruments have a bit of distinctive character.

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