The dragon's face was riding on a motorcycle from the scene in plain underwear: – – admits he lit the house, but says it was never meant to kill

The 50-year-old man who is charged with deliberately killing a woman in Haugesund gave a preliminary statement on Tuesday evening. The accused man is admitted to hospital after a road accident after death.

It was around 4 o'clock at night that the police received a message about a fire. An hour later the house was overtaken. Emergency services eventually found a dead woman in the house and the circumstances mean that the police believe that the woman is subjected to a criminal act.

– We finished the questioning around 6 PM. He has given 1 hour of explanation in advance, says the lawyer of the accused, Erik Lea.

Recognize that you are enlightened

According to the lawyer, his client has several fractures and he is seriously injured after topping down a motorcycle last night. Lea says that the man left the scene in only the underwear when he tried to drive from the couple's house, where the woman was later found dead.

– The deceased is his cohabiting partner. He acknowledges that he has lit his home and provided a relatively detailed explanation. However, he does not recognize a penalty for deliberate murder and describes the incident as an accident. He says it was never the intention to kill, says the lawyer.

– Did not escape

The suspect stated during the interrogation that he wants to cooperate with the police and agrees with the pre-trial detention. According to Lea, it was not meant to be an escape attempt when the man tried to drive away from the fire.

– According to him it was a bit thought out. He just wanted to get away and was in shock, the lawyer says.

The man in his fifties must be very degraded and describe the situation as tragic. He still succeeds in communicating and according to Lea is transferred to prison as soon as the doctors are of the opinion that this is justified.

However, he does not want to appear before the court in connection with the prison meeting, which is held on Wednesday or Thursday.

Strong wind

The house has caused great damage to the fire. There was strong wind in the area during the extinguishing and several neighboring houses were evacuated. No other person was injured.

– We are early in the research and can not spread so much information said police lawyer Marte Engesli Lysaker on Tuesday morning.

The accused man should not be known to the police before.

"There are circumstances at the place where the police think they have been subjected to a criminal act," said Lysaker.

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