These stars have lost their homes in the flames

    RAM: Miley Cyrus and living together Liam Hemsworth, Gerard Butler, Neil Young - and Robin Thicke and the girlfriend April Love Geary.
RAM: Miley Cyrus and living together Liam Hemsworth, Gerard Butler, Neil Young – and Robin Thicke and the girlfriend April Love Geary. Photo: AP and AFP


The house of Miley Cyrus (25) and Liam Hemsworth (28) have been burned down. Gerard Butler (49) and Robin Thicke (41) also lost their house.


California to cure the worst forest fire ever. So far, 42 people have lost their lives and more than 200 will be missing. The police do not have an overview.

Survivor tells: – How we get away

The luxury city of Malibu, where a large number of superstars have their bases, are also hit very hard.

«Completely broken by the fires that attacked my neighborhood. I am one of the lucky ones. The love of my pets and that of my love has come true, and that is all that matters now", The pop star Miley Cyrus writes on Twitter.

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"We have to find my mother

With the & # 39; love of her life & # 39; she believes the movie star Liam Hemsworth.

«My house is no longer, but I will keep memories that I have shared there with family and friends. I am grateful for everything I have had to keep"Cyrus says – thanking the firefighters.

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The film star Gerard Butler returned home to a sad face after an evacuation. The house was partially burned down.

«Heartbreaking times in California"He writes, explaining how strongly he admires the firefighter and their courage and strength.

«Many have lost everything they own and have and have to start all over again"He adds.

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Pop artist Robin Thicke and cohabiting april love geary (23)Because these days are waiting for child number two, they have lost their home in Malibu. The couple is relieved that they have lost even hell.

«I am so grateful that we were safe. I pray for everyone in Malibu. Our city is on fire"Writes Geary Instagram.

Thicke filmed from the car as they drove away from their city and posted on Instagram. The orange flame light was everywhere in the area:

Rocker Neil Young (73), recently married to the star Daryl Hannah (57), lost his home in Malibu. He writes about his website:

«California is vulnerable, not because of poor forest management such as DT (our so-called president) wants us to believe. It is a fact that there are no forest fires when I write this. We are vulnerable due to climate change. The extreme weather change and the increasing drought are part of that".

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«Beverly Hills 90210» actress Shannen Doherty (47) lost a house she loved, even if it was not her own. The house is used for weddings and vacations. It was also the place where she sought refuge when the sadness of losing her father required a long rest.

«My heart is torn"She writes Instagram.

Director Scott Derrickson (52) is homeless. The same is actor Bianca Blanco, 37, who saw his house burning on live TV.

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Deaths rise in California

"It felt like Armageddon," she says Fox News.

Camille Grammer (50), exclusively for "Frasier" star Kelsey Grammer (63) and even known from "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills", is also without housing.

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Has had to escape

«The Office» actress Rainn Wilson (52) has shown Instagram how the fire is destroyed as close as the wall of the house. But the house is still standing. The home of the reality celebrity Caitlyn Jenner (69) was also so far up the mountain after the flames made their way to her garden. Last week it was reported that Jenner & # 39; s house was burned down, something VG also wrotebut it was later canceled.

Jenner & # 39; s family, Kardashian clan, has also had to evacuate his luxury homes. The same has the pop star and «A Star Is Born» Actual Lady Gaga (32).

«Many of you are wondering if my house will burn down. All we can do is pray for each other and for each other. Thank you to all firefighters, police and rescue workers to do everything possible to help us. You are real heroes"Wrote Lady Gaga on Twitter this weekend.

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157,000 people were evacuated in California

The film star Will Smith (50) and Jada Pinkett Smith (47) had to leave their home. Yet it is uncertain whether the family home will escape the devastation. Hollywood actress Julia Roberts (51) and her husband and two children have also had to leave home and hope for the best.

The British One Direction star Liam Payne (25) wrote on Twitter this weekend that the flames were about to take his home in Malibu:

«I think I'm about to lose my house. What is worse, people have died tragically"One Direction colleague Louis Tomlinson (26) has a two-year-old son in Malibu, and the little boy and his mother have been evacuated. Daily mail.

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Kim Kardashian had to evacuate

Anna Anka (47), known from "Swedish Hollywood wives", had to escape from her home. The same is the Hollywood veteran Martin Sheen (78). Sheen & # 39; s actress, Charlie Sheen, 53, was a period of great concern about where the parents were, so he went to social media and sought information from people who might know something. After a day, Martin Sheen received a signal that they were safe.

Other celebrities who have had to evacuate and still live in uncertainty about what happens to their homes, his film star Orlando Bloom (41) and pop veteran Cher (72).

Blooms pop star friend Katy Perry (34) has been out and about punished Donald Trump after the President's statement that "Miserable forest management" is the cause of the fire disaster.

The television star Alyssa Milano (45) also had to evacuate. She has many horses in her garden, but has managed to get everyone safe.

«Everyone with hearts that strikes is saved"wrote Milan on Twitter.

Hollywood star Sandra Bullock (54) deals with the animals affected by the fire. She has donated almost a million dollars, taken the trouble to save as many quarters as possible, she reports CNN.

The fire started last Thursday night and it had spread violently on Friday.

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