They may be the first in the world to have a coronary vaccine. Dolly Parton has some credit for that.

WASHINGTON (The Washington Post): Dolly Parton helped fund the corona vaccine from biotechnology company Moderna. It started with a car accident and an unusual friendship.

Dolly Parton is an American singer, musician, composer and film actress. Netflix / AP / NTB

The famous American country singer had her first car accident in October 2013. It wasn’t serious, but Parton suffered so many abrasions that she went to the doctor’s office at Vanderbilt University Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee.

There she met Naji Abumrad who is a professor of surgery. 76-year-old Abumrad didn’t know much about the popular superstar with high blonde hair. But they soon became friends, as he liked to talk to her about current issues and science. That friendship was of great importance to the development of a coronary vaccine.

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