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TV 2: The Storting president refuses to answer why the representative of Storting with the "freedom" shirt was considered a security risk

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The parliamentary representative had to take off his yellow T-shirt with the inscription "Freedom" to enter the parliament building after the Chinese delegation arrived at the building on Wednesday.

The delegation was China's third most powerful man, Li Zhanshu. He leads the Chinese People's Congress.

Melby explained that the guards did not want the Chinese delegation to see her with a T-shirt, but when she was wearing it, she was allowed inside.

The message on the T-shirt was intended as a call to give the people of China more freedom. China has been criticized for repeated violations of human rights and has, among other things, arrested hundreds of thousands of people without law and judgment.

In addition to the fact that Storting could not appear in the Torting shirt within the Storting, critical demonstrators were referred to areas further away from the Storting building. The area closest to Løvebakken was reserved for support for the regime.

Won't answer

Parliament President Tone W. Trøen told TV 2 that the Melby incident was linked to "safety assessments". When asked how it can be a security risk that a Storting representative enters the National Assembly, he is in the same position:

– I will not comment on the safety assessments made in the specific example.

Abandoned Abid Raja, who sits on the Deposit Presidency, was first very critical of the incident.

The Deposit Representative says she was asked to take off her critical T-shirt when Chinese top politicians visited the Deposit

"Unprecedented that Guri Melby was denied access to the Deposit because she was wearing a" freedom "t-shirt. Never heard anything like this before! She is a Norwegian elected politician and needs to be treated accordingly. I will take this into the presidency tomorrow ! ", Raja wrote on Twitter.

After the meeting on Thursday, Raja tells Aftenposten that the board will give the chair an orientation at a later date.

– We are very happy with the liberals and are putting the matter behind us, says Raja.

Consider requesting access for your reasons

Now Melby tells TV 2 that she is considering understanding the reasons why she could not wear a T-shirt at her workplace.

"It is obvious that it is not about safety, but about the idea that it can be unpleasant for them," says Melby, referring to the Chinese visit.

Lawyer Jon Wessel-Aas is one of the most important experts in freedom of expression in Norway. He calls the incident an embarrassing violation of freedom of expression.

– Based on what I have seen and heard, this is completely unheard of. This is not just about a completely peaceful, general freedom of expression, it is about the access of a parliamentary representative to the Storting. The reason we have seen that there are security reasons that you do not want to elaborate on, it has no credibility of the world in that it let in as soon as she took off her T-shirt, the lawyer tells TV 2.

Critical demonstrators had to stay in the background during visits from China

Raja takes protesters against China in the Storting presidency

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