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Two fishermen who were reported missing outside Senja were found dead – NRK Troms – Local news, TV and radio

– Both accidents have died, says operations manager Beate Helberg at NRK.

The two Russian citizens, both men in their fifties, left on Tuesday morning at ten o'clock in an open 19-foot plastic boat from the village of Torsken. The last sign of life was at 2 p.m.

The most important rescue center in Northern Norway (HRS) states that all available resources are included in the search. On Tuesday evening, three rescue boats and a fishing boat took part in the search. A Sea King rescue helicopter from Bodø and an NH-90 helicopter from the coast guard vessel "Andenes" also participated.

Was flown to UNN

At 10 p.m. the main rescue center informed that a bent boat is in the reconnaissance area. The police confirm at midnight that it's dead.

At 22.43 HRS informed that one person was found in the water west of Senja, and was flown to the University Hospital of Northern Norway (UNN) in Tromsø.

At 11:20 pm HRS writes that the search ended at 11.05 pm. Two people are found in the sea. The last person was found close to the country.

At midnight, the NRK police confirmed that both had been killed.

Operations Manager Beate Helberg says that only the first of the two people had flown to the University Hospital of Northern Norway (UNN).

– The person was declared dead at UNN shortly after 11 p.m. Person number two has been declared dead at the site, more or less immediately, she says.

Major rescue operation

The helicopter with the person who first found the land at 22:45 in Tromsø confirms the press watch at UNN Jørn Resvoll.

Press commander Knut Haarvik of HRS Northern Norway says it was the NH90 helicopter who discovered a curved boat. The boat was bowling.

Earlier on Tuesday evening there was a beach search along the coastline in the curved boat. HRS reported that Red Cross and Norwegian People's Assistance personnel could be found in the area, from the village of Gryllefjord in Senja.

"There are significant forces in the swing," Jan Eskild Severinsen said earlier Tuesday evening.

The armed forces bid on the search for the beach with a Bell helicopter.

the cod

The two Russian tourists went out with the open boat from the village of Torsken on Senja.

Photo: Linda Pedersen / NRK

Called bad line

– The two missing people had tried to call two other Russians in the fishing camp in the two days of the day, but the line was too bad to see what was being said. They informed the holder of the fishing camp at 5.30 p.m. The owner even went on a boat search for the missing and reported to the police when he couldn't find them northwest of Månes, says press officer Knut Haarvik of NRK & # 39; s rescue center.

At 9.45 p.m. Haarvik stated that the Sea King helicopter and the NH90 helicopter then searched a total area of ​​600 square kilometers. They had shared the search area between them.

– Fair search conditions

The weather in the area has changed with some wind and rain during the day. There was heavy sea at 2 pm, but good visibility.

The two Russian tourists had visited cod several times and were known. The boat they were running had a large engine of forty horsepower.

NRK has been in contact with the person who has rented a boat to the Russian fishermen, but he will not comment on the incident for the time being.

The municipality mobilizes

Fred Ove Flakstad, mayor of the municipality of Torsken, told NRK, while the search for the missing tourists continued, which mobilized the municipality.

– We just received a message about the incident and set up a team. We have contacted the rescue services locally so that they are aware of the situation, Flakstad told NRK.

There are a number of tourist companies in Senja that rent small boats for fishing.

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