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Wild drama for Ruud – the opponent left the job in anger – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and planning

The Northern European man was the best off against the Argentinian, who is ten years older than the 20-year-old Ruud, but Juan Martin del Potro was a number too large.

– But I don't think I'm that far away. I often hang well and am not far behind today. It is a very positive feedback and I am going along with me in one way or another. I use this as a motivation and I feel that I am now playing one of my best tennis, says Ruud.

Del Potro won first set 6-4. Ruud made an impression and played fantastic in the second set. But in the end it was the Argentinian who also won this set 6-4, which made room in the quarterfinals.

Ruud is number 76 in the world, while the opponent is ranked ninth.

He has 22 other ATP titles and has also won the US Open in 2019.

With results from Rome, Ruud is 61 or 62 on the next world ranking. Ruud travels to Paris on Wednesday, where he will join the French Open, which will take place next weekend.

Dramatic round against Kyrgios

He went to the third round of the ATP tournament, which was a very dramatic battle. Third was only seen against Nick Kyrgio when the Australian threw a seat on the tennis court before finally leaving the path in anger.

– This is the worst and most unsportsmanlike thing I've seen on a tennis court, says Ruud & # 39; s mother, Lele Cathrine Ruud, who felt the fight at the Rome stand.

Kyrgios is a real showman and is known to leave the course in the middle of a fight, serve as a beginner, talk loudly to himself and the judge.

– I didn't try to concentrate myself through the whole fight. I knew his mood was like a roller coaster. He has a very high top level, but can also give away simple points and fights, Ruud said afterwards.

– Towards the end, I was told that he was revolting, and he was just as excited by being disqualified. He can only thank himself, he said.

And in the fight against the Norwegians we saw a clear 24-year-old, loud as well as arguing. The temperament increases more and more in the third round.

Suddenly the Australian throws his tennis racket on the floor, then takes a chair on the sidelines and throws it on the court while he is jaw and small.


DISKA: Nick Kyrgios was disqualified after he threw a chair on the right track.

Photo: Andreas Solaro / AFP

The judge first gave him a warning early in the fight, before he was awarded penalty points after several new rounds of a joke on the referee. That's when it clicks for the Australian, and he throws one chair on the track.

Ultimately it is punished. One extra judge was summoned and the other was disqualified with the 24-year-old.

Noko rarely used in tennis.

– Throw away his talent

– It was just as dramatic as we had predicted in advance. It was a bit surprising, or maybe not. He is pretty unstable. But we are taking the win, Father Christian Ruud says after the match against NRK.

He spoke to his son immediately after the game and said that Casper is not very impressed with the way the Australian behaves.

– He's a good tennis player. He has a service that is quite ridiculous, says father Ruud.

He adds that they knew that Kyrgios often does not show such great interest when pinned on gravel.

– But when he took the tie-break & where he lit up and really wanted to win, so maybe he was whole when he was back.

Almost perfectly spelled

The Australian player was just enough a sportsman to leave and thanked Ruud and the referee for the game before leaving his bag on his shoulder.

Tennis pro Casper Ruud

DRAMATICS: Ruud won the fight after suddenly changing dramatically.

Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

In the first set, Ruud was supreme against Kyrgios. In others even 6-6. Australia won 7-5 on a tie-break.

On the other hand, the third round was much more dramatic.

– Kyrgyzstan managed to provoke Ruud in the second set, but in the third set Ruud managed to break back. And it says a lot about how good he has become, says Eurosport tennis expert, Christer Francke.

– I thought Casper really played a very good game. Casper almost spelled perfectly, says Christian about his son's efforts.

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