Will roll out 2000 salmon restaurants:

"No, this will be expensive," said Ole-Eirik Lerøy, chairman of Marine Harvest (who changed his name to Mowi on 2 January) when he was interviewed on stage at Sysla Live earlier this year.

The new restaurant and brand concept was developed by the company's Asia division and currently consists of six restaurants in Taiwan. Everyone is fully operational, shows profitability and strives for a willing audience.

But Supreme Salmon, as the company is called, was planned for the Chinese market. And here they are now discussing the rollout of the concept with Chinese partners.

– We are not going to drive in these restaurants. This will be cooperation, this will be a franchise. We deliver the fish and the concept and others continue, as we know from, for example, Starbucks and Burger King, Lerøy told the interview that you can now see in the recording.

Something that really fits

He also says that the company in the restaurant is not "very big" for Marine Harvest, in NOK. In the case of deliveries to salmon, on the other hand, they are dedicated to make this very extensive when the two thousand restaurants are located. DN has previously reported that the company aims for a $ 2 billion turnover through the restaurants in 2025, and another $ 600 million through the supermarket.

  • Ole-Eirik Lerøy is chairman of the board of the company, which is called Mowi from 2 January. It is the world's leading fishing company and & # 39; the world's largest producer of Atlantic salmon.
  • The company has 13,233 employees, operations in 25 countries and sales last year for NOK 34 billion.
  • Sysla Live is journalism on stage, a depth format in which we interview important decision makers with the audience present in the audience. This recording is from Sysla Live: Ocean 2018, with Prime Minister Erna Solberg being one of the other guests.

– This must be done in China if you go there. We are already working with Tencent, with JD, with Alibaba. If you are not ready to bet with 2000 restaurants, with something that really strikes, you do not have to talk to them at all. We must have equipment, we must have ambitions and we must have an organization that addresses such challenges, he says.

The most important

The Sysla Live interview was recorded before it became known that the salmon giant changed its name to Mowi, but Lerøy says the establishment of a real salmon brand will be the most important in the coming years.

– It is the greatest value I see and the biggest opportunity we have, says Lerøy, who believes that this should have been "a long time ago".

In the interview you will also learn how the salmon giant works to reduce costs, what Lerøy thinks about farming on land, what he thinks is embarrassing and why he wants to control all the larger parts of the value chain.

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