World Cup Ruka 2020 – 17 runners eliminated

Cross-country skiing outlet – WC Ruka

The Norwegian Ski Federation has taken nine women and eight men to the planned World Cup opening in Ruka, Finland on 27-29. November 2020.

In Ruka, the runners go on a “mini tour” with classic sprint on Friday, 10/15 km classic Saturday and 10/15 km free technique hunting start on Sunday. There are a total of ten places for women and men respectively, so one free place at the ladies shop and two for men.

The selection for men and women is made based on seasonal information from the Norwegian Ski Association. National team runners are preferred based on last year’s results in sprint / distance. The last places, with one on the women’s side and two on the men respectively, will be achieved after the opening race at Beito next weekend.

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Falla, Maiken Caspersen – Strandbygda IL

Fossesholm, Helene Marie – Eiker Ski Club

Haga, Ragnhild – Åsen, IL

Johaug, Therese – IL Nansen

Stenseth, Ane Apple fish – Grong IL

Svendsen, Anna – Tromsø Ski Club

Weng, Heidi – IL BUL

Weng, Lotta Udnes – Nes Ski

Weng, Tiril Udnes – Nes Ski

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Golberg, Pål – Gol IL

Holund, Hans Christer – Lyn Ski

Iversen, Emil – IL Varden Meråker

Klæbo, Johannes Høsflot – Byåsen IL

Krüger, Simen Hegstad – Lyn Ski

Røthe, Sjur – Voss IL

Taugbøl, Håvard – Lillehammer ski club

Valnes, Erik – Bardufoss and Omegn IF

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