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World of Warcraft Classic launched in August

World of Warcraft Classic – the classic version of the popular online game – will be launched on August 27. We have known for a long time that the game would come sometime in the summer, but when Blizzard had confirmed the final date.

See when the World of Warcraft Classic servers open to the public. Photo: Blizzard

In Norway, the doors open exactly at midnight, ie the moment that 26 August is over. If you stay in other parts of the world, you can find the relevant time for you in the image on the right.

Closed beta test

Although we are still more than 100 days away from the official release, Blizzard already sees opportunities for testing World of Warcraft Classic this month. From Wednesday, May 15, the developer starts inviting users to a closed beta test.

Players must have agreed to participate in the beta (this is done through your account page for the game) and must also have that active subscription in order to participate. However, Blizzard points out that nobody has a guaranteed participation and that the developer even chooses those who participate.

If you do not receive an invitation to the test, you can take a head start on the experience in mid-August. In particular on August 13, players can start creating Classic characters, both to reserve names and to make room on potentially busy servers. This also requires that you have an active World of Warcraft subscription.

Brutal experience

13 years ago it was not so easy to meet the challenges of the game. Photo: Andreas Klebo-Espe / Gamer.no

World of Warcraft Classic was originally unveiled in 2017, after many players had called so-called & # 39; vanilla & # 39; servers for years. The new version of the online gameplay turns the clock back to 2006 and lets players try the experience as it looked then.

We tried Classic last year, and despite years of experience with the game, it was still a shock how different World of Warcraft actually was 13 years ago.

– Although the game is basically similar to the more modern variant, it is a different and more exciting experience that you will encounter here. I don't think everyone will know how long everything lasts, but for me this is something of charm and challenge. Of course, if you spend an hour finding eight Gnoll legs for one mission, it is frustrating, but the South is as good as when you're done and you can laugh at all the other players still holding it, the undersigned wrote .

The contents of World of Warcraft Classic will be rolled out over time.
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