Exchange rate: price of the dollar rises against the global strength of the currency Economy | markets

the exchange rate rose on Monday when the sun worked for at least two weeks, amid a rise in the dollar on foreign markets due to the higher yield of US government bonds.

At 10:45 am the dollar rose 0.21% to 3,311 / 3,312 units, compared with 3,304 / 3,305 at the end of Friday.

In the session on the interbank market, some local banks opened short positions while, according to Reuters, there was demand for dollars from foreign investors.

On the other hand, the dollar had a purchase price of up to S / 3,240 and a sales price of up to S / 3,553 at the windows of the main banks in the city.

In the home exchange and the streets of the capital, the exchange rate quoted at S / 3,295 per dollar the purchase and at S / 3,320 per dollar sales.

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