Repsol increased fuel prices by 0.9% per gallon economy

The La Pampilla refinery company (Relapasa), linked to Spanish Repsol , published his new list of fuel prices with an increase of up to 0.9% per gallon, including taxes, the Peruvian Agency of Consumers and Users (Opecu) reported.

Hector Platé, president of the Opecu, said that the new Repsol fuel prices published yesterday show an increase to S / 0.04 per gallon in the gas hub, with the exception of the 98 octane gasohol of which the price was reduced by S / 0.01.

He also noted that the price of diesel for use in vehicles was increased by S / 0.05 per gallon, while in the case of B5S50 the increase was S / 0.11.

"Some of these prices are not in line with the international reference, such as gas oils of 84, 90, 95 and 98 octane, and diesel B5S50," Plate said, adding that the prices of these fuels must be corrected.

More expensive than Petro-Peru
the Opecu noted that the prices of gasohol Repsol surpass that of Petro-Peru.

In detail, he said that the price of 84 octane gas of Repsol is higher at S / 0.79 or 7.7% per gallon compared to that of Petro-Peru; while the 90 octane gasohol price is higher at S / 0.80 or 7.6% per gallon.

Also the price of 95 octane gasohol Repsol it is more expensive at S / 0.41 or 3.6% per gallon than Petro-Peru. Likewise, the price of 97 octane Repsol gasol exceeds that of the state oil company at S / 0.20 or 1.8% per gallon.

With regard to vehicle diesel, Opec said that the price of Repsol S is 0.46 or 4.2% more expensive per gallon than Petro-Peru; while the price of diesel B5S50 from the foreign company is greater than the state in S / 0.89 or 7.9%.

"The fuel prices of Repsol They are not only more expensive than Petro-Peru, they are overvalued. Competition yes, but no abuse, "said Plate.

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