Cachaza explained his sudden departure from the EEC and his reasons for going into Combat [VIDEO]

September 30, 2018 11:00.

The beautiful Cachaza was invited as & # 39; Beto a Saber & # 39; and revealed the reasons that led her to get away from This is war, and her recent entry into Combat.

cachaza She told Beto Ortiz that she suffered several injuries in her participation in the reality show, but it was one that led her to lower her performance, so she was forced to leave.

"The truth is that I have been in competitive reality for seven years (This is war) and in fact you suffer several injuries, but I suffered one in the septum and the truth is that I was very scared later and I began to reduce my performance in the competition, "he confessed. cachaza.

The model explained that she was very happy with her return to the reality of the competition and emphasized the work of the participants in this type of program.

"To be in that kind of program you have to have good performances, a good diet and it is another type of training that you do at the gym, it's a cardio job and it's a lot of physical exhaustion," he concluded. cachaza.

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