Camila Diez Canseco proudly reveals how many kilos she lost after a strict diet

What a rule! For a few weeks the beautiful Camila Diez Canseco, daughter of the famous businessman Mauricio Diez Canseco, revealed that she had undergone a strict diet based on a healthy diet and a training routine. That is why after a few weeks, the famous She decided to proudly show how many kilos she went and for sure, she will surprise you.

Through his Instagram account, Camila, he shared an image followed by a text in which he revealed the kilograms he lost after following his diet and rejected any form of "whim".

"I've already lost three and a half pounds in these three weeks of diets and gym! I've had days when I could not train for work and college, except I was recording, but it did not stop me from taking my diet And now that I've started to see the changes and some of you also say they're already thinning me, I feel like I love my diet and that every appetite I've had and rejected and every post-traumatic pain completely bothered worth, "he wrote. the famous.

But that was not all, since Diez Canseco He also shared the dish with which he was delighted. According to the figureshe was fed 150 gr of grilled chicken breast, followed by a delicious salad based on half avocado, lettuce and cucumber. Rich and healthy!

and last but not least, Camila Diez Canseco He encouraged his fans to continue with the diet. Congratulations!

"I am too happy and I am not going to stop !!! To give her everything, as I always say will and not throw the towel in the ring !! Halloween and summer are coming! You my royal boys also caracho," concluded the famous.


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