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Through Instagram, the daughter of Daddy Yankee surprised all her followers with her drastic change of appearance, because the young woman decided to radical change to lose weight because your balance was nearby 113 kilos of the 14 years

It is about Jesaaelys Marie, one of the daughters of the famous Puerto Rican singer, who was mocked because of his excessive weight, so he decided to make a radical change in his life. For this exercise and the control of their diet were the key, and today amazed in the networks with the incredible change.

According to the revelation of the young woman Instagramcame weighing 227 pounds, for that reason he used the social network to show the process of change to which he has submitted himself, and today he looks unbelievable. "I had never really taken the time to share some of the biggest and most important achievements in my life: losing weight is NOT EASY Eating is another medicine," said the young woman in her report, explaining her low self-respect revealed and the depression with which she had to deal when she looked in the mirror.

The daughter of Papa Yankee She also confessed that she often cried when she felt frustrated in trying to lose weight. "I cried out of frustration because I had so often tried to lose weight that nothing worked for me. 227 pounds…… YES! And I decided to change my routine and keep my mouth shut, "he wrote in his Instagram message.

"If you read this and you go through a similar situation, I want you to know that I understand you and that the journey is not easy, changes are not seen overnight, but CAN. Love yourself like you accept yourself, accept your body and all the imperfections it has, because we ALL HAVE, never have the feeling of being inferior to someone because of their "beauty", because in the end the beauty is relative, "said the young company, with the intent to motivate all people who need to educate your self-esteem in order to overcome your problems.

Today the young girl looks great, and although her father kept her out of the public eye, she has more than 266 thousand followers on his Instagram account, where he overcomes with his sensual photo's.

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